November 20-26th Family Worship Guide 2022

The Family Worship Guide for the Week of November 20- 26, 2022 
The Last Week after Pentecost

Bible Passage for the Week
Deuteronomy 26:1-11
Romans 12:3-8
Philippians 3
Psalm 100

Verse to Memorize
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Catechism Questions
Q. What must you know to live and die in the joy of the comfort of the Lord?
A. Three things:
first, how great my sin and misery are;
second, how I am set free from all my sins and misery;
third, how I am to thank God for such deliverance

People to Pray for: 
Church: Trinity Presbyterian Church
                Pastor Andrew Dionne
Ministry:  Sweetwater Research
Civil Magistrate: Gov Eric Holcomb
Song Recommendations:
Bless the LORD, O my soul, Blessed are you, O most holy LORD. Bless the LORD, O my soul And let all that is in me bless His holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits; It is He who forgives your iniquities, It is He who heals your infirmities; He redeems your life from all destruction, And crowns thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies. Bless the LORD, O my soul, And let all that is in me bless His holy name. Blessed are you, O most holy LORD.

Notes for Parents

Bible Passage for the Week
Deuteronomy 26:1-11
Where were you before Christ?  What would you be without the grace of God?   I asked these questions in a sermon a week ago but they are questions we ought to consider often.  God’s people in the Old Testament were commanded to remember where they had come from and what God had done for them.  Two commands in particular go together.  Remember and Give Thanks.   We are not to forget God’s kindness to us.  Yet it is what we are most tempted to do.  Things can be going well and suddenly when it’s a stressful day or a difficult time, we forget all the Lord has done and are tempted to grumble.  It is right then and there when we most need to remember.   Remember how God preserved you through past difficulties.  Remember how He rescued you out of darkness.  And give Him praise.  As Romans 12:1 says we ought to give our bodies as living sacrifices.

Help your family cultivate a godly memory.  Don’t dwell on past sins and past griefs but dwell on God’s mercies to you and your family.  One pastor in our Presbytery developed his own family holiday which he calls Mercy Day.  When I went to Presbytery in October, I stayed at his house. He was knee deep in preparations for this day.  It is a day that he and his family remember the grace of God which got them through several difficulties including seeing his own prodigal child repent and return to the fold.  In order to celebrate, he has all the children and grandchildren over.  They have decorations, food, and candy. It is a joyous time. They tell sing.  They play games.  They give thanks.

Now you don’t have to have your own personal holiday but take time to remember God’s grace to you and your family.  Ask your children often what they are thankful for.  Establish good family traditions.  Make your home a place where the grace of God is treasured.

Romans 12:3-8
In Romans 12, we continue with our thankful response to the mercies of God.  We have been redeemed from sin and now we offer ourselves up to God for service and worship.   As we do this, we need humility.  It is easy to get full of zeal and then suddenly think way too highly of ourselves.  We think we know better than everyone else.  We got this living sacrifice thing down pat and we don’t need others killing our buzz.   We want to launch in and do whatever we think is right.  But scripture says weight a second slow down.  Don’t think too highly of yourself.  Be humble.  Instead use your gifts to serve the body, that is the church.  Your gifts and talents are not for your own glory but to be used to serve Christ and his people.  God gives his people an abundance of gifts.  Teaching, leading, serving, music, art, generosity, and on and on.  Each person, including you, have a gift to serve Christ and serve the body.   This means that humility doesn’t mean you think too lowly of yourself.  Humility isn’t the same thing as an introverted self-centeredness which does not give to others.  Rather humility is a willingness to be used by Christ and to submit ourselves to the judgements of others in the church so that we can best be used.

Parents you want to work to cultivate the gifts and talents of your children.  If they are inclined to music, give them that gentle push in that direction.  Keep your eyes own and work to find where God has given your children unique interests and inclinations.  You also should seek to broaden your children’s skillset.  While cultivating their own unique talents, don’t let them be lazy or check out of areas that might not come as naturally. There is a balance of not trying to make your child fit into mold that they are not made for and of not pushing your child to grow into competency of a wide variety of skills.

Philippians 3
In this passage, Paul speaks of forgetting.  This does not contradict everything that was said about remembering in our passage in Deuteronomy.   There is a remembering of God’s graces that we must always do.  But there is a forgetting of the past that we must have.  This is a forgetting of our sins.  It is leaving the dead works of the flesh in the past.  We have been changed by the grace of God and therefore we must not go back to the old ways.   Forget your sinful desires and press forward in Christ to the goal of sanctification.    Turn your back on temptation and walk forward in faith.  

Paul says that sadly some who claim the name of Christ are actually enemies of Christ.  They continue in their sins.  They live for the lusts of this world.  They are living to get all they can here and now.  They have the outward name of being a Christian but our dead.    Paul says this makes him weep.  Surely, he has certain names in mind.

It ought to make us weep to think of those who claim Christ and yet our his enemy.  It ought also to make us tremble.    We ought to then flee temptation.   Do not be conformed to this world.  But be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Forget your lusts.  Do not give quarter to your sin.  Remember the grace of God and live a life of thanksgiving.

Psalm 100
Growing up every year at my grandmothers house before thanksgiving we would read this psalm.  It is a psalm for giving thanks.   It is a good psalm to memorize.  Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good.
Catechism/ Memory Verse
You can teach your children lots of things in this life and you will.  But what is the most important thing to teach them?  Our catechism tells us the three most important things to know.  You must teach your children and wife these things.   This is the most important task you have.

People to Pray for:
Trinity Presbyterian Church is a member of Evangel Presbytery.   I sent a message letting Pastor Dioinne know we are praying for them and asked Pastor Dionne what we could pray for.  Here is his response. “Thanks very much for your prayers, my friend.  • fruit from our recent “Fatherhood and Spiritual Warfare” conference • praise God for large incoming new members class • that real friendships and accountability develop between the men • that God would supply us with qualified men for both deacon board and elder board • joy in the Lord!

Sweetwater Research designs and supports holistic water strategies and education to improve the effectiveness of water projects around the world in Gospel-centered ministry. Sweetwater’s particular emphasis is on serving widows and orphans in places where water security is “impossible”.   This ministry uses science to help bless people with drinking water while also sharing the gospel of Jesus.  Please pray that God would bless their work in places like Africa and the Philippines.

Lastly, we are praying that God would give Governor Eric Holcomb wisdom in leading the state of Indiana.  Pray for his health and his spiritual well-being.  Pray that He will repent of sin and lead according to God’s wisdom.

Church History Spotlight

John Robinson 1576-1625

John Robinson was the pastor of the pilgrims before they left on the Mayflower. He had led them out of England to Holland but was unable to make the trip with them to America. He was beloved by the people and sent them off with a tearful farewell speech.  William Bradford the governor of Plymouth Colony and said this of Pastor Robinson in his book detailing the history of the pilgrims.

“Indeed, such was the love and respect that this worthy man, Mr. John Robinson, had to his flock, and his flock to him, that it might be said of them, as it once was of the famous Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the people of Rome, that it was hard to judge whether he was more delighted in having such a people or they in having such a pastor.

His love was great towards them, and his care was always bent to their best good both for soul and body; for, besides his singular ability in divine things (wherein he excelled), he was also very able in directing their civil affairs and foreseeing dangers and troubles; so he was very helpful to their material well-being, and was in every way a common father to them.

None offended him more than those who kept apart from the rest, and neglected the common good; or those who were rigid in matters of outward order and would inveigh against the evil of others, and yet were remiss themselves and not too careful to maintain virtuous conversation.”