March 5-11th Family Worship Guide 2023

The Guide for the Week 
March 5- 11th, 2023 AD. 
The Second Sunday of Lent

Bible Passage for the Week
Deuteronomy 32:1-14
Matthew 26:47-56
Lamentations 2
Psalm 61

Verse to Memorize
Ephesians 4:28

Catechism Questions
Q. 109.  What is the eighth commandment?
A.  The eighth commandment is, "You shall not steal."    

Q. 110. What does God forbid in the eighth commandment?
A.  In the eighth commandment, God forbids every kind of robbery, theft, or dishonest gain. Whether by an individual, the State, or any other group.    

Q. 111. What does God require of us in the eighth commandment?  
A.   In the eighth commandment, God requires us to be honest and industrious, and to help our neighbor in their need.    

People to Pray for: 
Church: Christ Church Columbus
                Pastor Andrew Halsey
Ministry:  Daniel Courney
Civil Magistrate: Jeffersonville City Member Scott Anderson
Notes for Parents:
Deuteronomy 31:1-8
In science, the Second law of thermal dynamics say that the total disorder in an isolated system will always increase over time, which means that energy will flow from hotter to cooler objects, and that perpetual motion machines are impossible. Simply put it means hot things always cool unless you do something to stop them. There is a tendency for things to break down over time.
This is true of our zeal for the Lord.  Churches, ministries, and people may start out on fire for the Lord but unless they are intentional to stay alert they can go the way of the church in Ephesus and lose their first love.  The song of Moses was written to God’s people when they strayed and their love for God grew cool.  It was to remind them of God’s faithfulness while also exposing their wicked behavior.  
The devil always likes to creep in under cover and slowly rot out from within.  We must be alert.  One of the keys to maintaining our first love is remembering who God is and what He has done for us.  We need to remember where He has led us and commit to returning to Him.
Is your zeal cool?  Has sin creeped in and worn you down?  Repent.  Remember what God has done for you.  Be sorrowful over your straying.  And cling to Christ.  Do again the things you did at first when your faith was strong.  

Matthew 26:47-56
Matthew 26:47-56 tells the story of Jesus' betrayal and arrest. Judas, one of Jesus' disciples, arrives with a crowd armed with swords and clubs, and identifies Jesus by greeting him with a kiss. Jesus is then arrested and taken away to be put on trial.  The apostle Peter acts rashly in the process.  He grabs a sword and begins fighting against the Roman soldiers, cutting off the ear of one of them.  Jesus tells Peter to stop.  If you try to fight here, you will die.
In this passage, we see that Jesus is in control the whole time.  He did not need Peter to fight for Him,  He could have His angels fight for Him.  Jesus is not just a helpless victim here.  He is willing to go to the cross for us.  Even though we were sinners and enemies, just as Jesus healed the ear of this man, Jesus heals us of our sins.  While we were sinners, Christ died for us.

Lamentations 2
The book of Lamentations can be difficult to read.  Not because it is especially difficult to understand but because it is painful to read the lamentations of those under the heavy hand of the Lord’s discipline.  Yet it is good for us to read for several reasons.
1. We see that every word of God proves true.  Moses told the people what would happen when they turned away from God.  The later prophets tried to warn them.  And now they must bear the discipline.  We ought not take the warnings of God lightly.  It was many years between Moses and the book of Lamentations.  Many prophets warned over and over again.  Yet they did not listen.  They seemed to be prosperous for so long.
2.  We see what love for your people looks like.  Jeremiah the prophet was a righteous man and yet He lamented over the fate of His people.  He was in sorrow as his nation was destroyed.  When you look around at the sins of this nation, it ought to move you to sorrow and to repentance.
3.  We see that in the midst of God’s discipline there is hope.  There are a few glimmers of hope in these opening chapters.  They are few and just glimmers but they do grow as the book progresses.  God is not abandoning his people forever.

Psalm 61
Psalm 61 is a prayer of David in which he cries out to God for help and protection. David feels overwhelmed and far from God, and asks for God to lead him to the safety of his dwelling. He expresses confidence in God's ability to be his refuge, rock, and strong tower. He then pledges to praise God forever and fulfill his vows.

We must remember that God is our ultimate source of help and protection. When we feel overwhelmed and distant from God, we can cry out to him and trust that he will hear our prayers. Additionally, we can find comfort in the fact that God is our refuge, rock, and strong tower, and that he is able to protect us from all harm. Like David, we should have confidence in God's ability to provide for us and protect us. Finally, we should remember to praise God and fulfill our committments to him. God is worthy of all our praise, and we should be grateful for his faithfulness to us. We should also be faithful in our own lives, living in obedience to God and serving him with all our heart, soul, and strength.

Catechism/ Memory Verse
Thou shall not steal is one of the first commandments that all children break especially when they have siblings.  Snatching something out of another person’s hand is something all children try.  This often leads to crying, screaming, hitting, and broken toys.  “I had this toy first.”  “It’s mine.”   “No, its mine.”   Sibling rivalry can get on your nerves as a parent.  How do you know if you are going to have to deal with sibling rivalry.  1.  Are you having human children?   2.  Are you having more than one child?    If you answered to those two questions than you will have to deal with it.   Part of dealing with it is upholding God’s law on stealing.  This means teaching your children to respect the property of others including their brothers and sisters.    It also means teaching your children rules for dealing with when they have conflict.

Here are ten helpful guidelines regarding fighting over toys:
1. Sharing is a choice: Start by setting the expectation that no one is forced to share. We are not communists.  God’s word upholds property.  On the other hand, make sure that the children know that all things ultimately belong to God and he expects us to use what He gives us wisely to glorify Him and bless others.  Therefore there may be times when they will have consequences for deciding not to share.  They may get what they want (to play all by themselves with a toy) and miss out on better things (joining the rest of the kids making and eating cookies.)
2.  Give them the words: Kids need to learn how to ask to use something, how to respectfully join a game, how to politely refuse to share, how to ask for more time with a toy, etc.  There are not a places in life where you get the chance to redo things that you mess up but with your children you can have them rewind and redo what they just said in the conflict.  Start it over and do it the right way.
3.  Define the word “mine”: When kids claim something is “mine!” they may actually be trying to say, “I’m using this right now” or “I’d like to use it soon” or “I’m worried you’re going to break it.” Rather than getting into a power struggle over the true owner, help your child use different language to express their feelings and find a solution.
4. Taking turns takes practice: Kids need to know that there are a lot of options when it comes to taking turns. Using a timer, setting a schedule, counting jumps on a trampoline or giving the blue crayon when they’re done coloring the sky are all solutions to explore.
5. Let your children have some specific toys that are theirs:  Allow each child to have a few toys, games or objects that they do not have to share or that they can choose to share with certain people, at their discretion. Make sure each child has a place to store these objects so other children do not disturb them or play with them without permission.
6. Trading can keep the peace: From the outside, trading may look like a shady business deal, but it is also a savvy social skill that kids can use to navigate playdates and friendships. Offering a different toy, packaging a few toys (and three stickers), or allowing their sibling to play with a normally off-limits toy may be a great way to play peacefully together.
7.  Long turns are acceptable: Rather than setting a random “time’s up” rule, create a common household language to give kids the option of using a toy for an extended amount of time. If someone asks for the toy, the child can say, “I’m having a long turn.” Then, they can explain when the long turn will be up – the next morning, after lunch, etc.
8. New toys get priority: Birthday gifts or other presents get special priority over the everyday toys and games. While some kids may willingly share their new toys, other kids may be more protective. Rather than forcing them to share right away, give them the opportunity enjoy the excitement of having something new.
9: How to respond when they can’t use an object:  Teach them that they need to be joyful when a brother or sister gets to play with something else.  Teach them to respond graciously when they ask to share but are told no.
10. You can ask for help: Sometimes, the situation is too intense or complicated for kids to come to a peaceful conclusion. Let your kids know that they can come to you when they are stuck.  See if they can work it out first.
11.  Discipline:  Stealing and squealing both need to be disciplined.  If someone steals something they will receive a spanking or some other appropriate discipline.  But also if someone retaliates with squealing or punching, that too gets disciplined.  If someone steals, your children need to come to you.  And you need to be faithful and consistent to be just.  If you are not just, then they won’t come to you.

People to Pray for:
Prayer for Christ Church Columbus and Pastor Andrew Halsey
Heavenly Father,
We come before you today with grateful hearts for the planting of Christ Church Columbus and their pastor, Andrew Halsey. We thank you for their commitment to proclaiming your Word and building up your people in the knowledge and love of your Son, Jesus Christ.
Lord, we recognize that as Christ Church Columbus is a new work, this work may come with many challenges and difficulties. They are in need of your grace to grow in both number and maturity. We ask that you would pour out your Holy Spirit upon them, that they would be empowered to fulfill your mission for them. May they be a light to those around them, sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We pray that you would bless Pastor Andrew Halsey with wisdom, strength, and discernment as he leads his congregation. May he be guided by your Holy Spirit and grounded in your Word, faithfully proclaiming the truth of your gospel. Lord, we ask that you would bring many to Christ Church Columbus, that they may find a home and a family in your Son. May the church be a place of warmth, love, and fellowship, where sinners are saved and  encouraged to grow in their faith.
We ask all these things in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for his church. May Christ Church Columbus grow and flourish, bringing glory to your name and advancing your kingdom. Amen.

Prayer for Daniel Courney (Missionary to Nepal)
Dear light of the nations,
The land, once enshrouded by the shadow of death, has been illumined by the radiant Son of Righteousness. We give thanks for the good news of your boundless mercies and grace, which has reached the nations and transformed our lives. You have not abandoned us in our sins, but have graciously provided a way of salvation through your Son. We humbly pray that the gospel may continue to go forth to all peoples, and that you would raise up faithful messengers to proclaim the good news of salvation in Christ. We give thanks for Daniel Courney and his unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel in the streets and villages of Nepal. We ask that you would protect him from persecution and temptation, and keep him from falling into pride or discouragement. Grant him success in his endeavors, and establish your church in Nepal. Raise up many godly men to lead and guide the people of that nation, and bring about lasting transformation through the power of your Holy Spirit. We ask that you would bless us all with a holy zeal for the salvation of sinners and the advancement of your kingdom. May we be faithful witnesses to your love and grace, and may your gospel continue to bear fruit in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We pray all this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Prayer for Jeffersonville City Councilman Scott Anderson
O God, Governor of the Universe,
Lord, we know that all have sinned and fall short of your glory, and we humbly confess that we are no exception. We ask for your forgiveness for our own sins, and for Councilman Scott Anderson's sins as well. We pray that you would give him faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, that he may know the joy of grace and hope of eternal life.  We pray that you would give Councilman Scott Anderson the strength and courage to fulfill his duty to punish evil and protect good. May he seek justice and righteousness in all his decisions and actions, and may he be a shining example of your love and compassion. We pray for wisdom for all the leaders of Jeffersonville, that they may govern with integrity and righteousness, seeking your will in all things. May they be guided by your Holy Spirit, and may their decisions bring peace and prosperity to the community. Lord, we ask that you would bless the people of Jeffersonville with your grace and mercy, that your love would be evident in all their interactions. Turn the hearts of the people to your truth and away from the lies of the enemy which only lead to destruction.  Give us your goodness, we ask in the powerful name of the Sovereign King, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Church History Spotlight
What is Lent?
Joel 2:15-16 Blow a trumpet in Zion, Consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly, Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, Assemble the elders, Gather the children and the nursing infants.
The word “Lent” itself is an old Saxon word which means “Spring.” Lent is the Spring of the year. It came to be used within the Church as a marker of the time of the year, now defined by the Christian Church.

The question is, What is Lenten season as far as the Church has understood it through the centuries? Historically, the very early church had a time for the preparation of the baptisms of adults. These adult soon-to-be converts were called the catechumenate. The individuals were catechumens. These are those who were receiving instruction in the Christian faith. For 40 days leading up to Easter, these new believers would reflect on the work of Christ and fast and pray. The entire church joined in with their fasting and prayer reflecting on the life of Christ leading up to his death, burial, and resurrection.

 Sadly, in the medieval church, this Lent (Spring) time became associated with all sorts of rules and superstitions. Some traditions were good and some were counter to scripture. Furthermore, it became a mandated practice to follow in order to be considered Holy. For the most part, the Protestant Reformers continued to celebrate Lent, but in a more evangelical way. They inveighed against the connection between fasting and penance “as a work of merit,” as Calvin put it. They rejected the superstition and legalism.   Instead they used the time as a teaching opportunity to point to the finished work of Christ.

Fasting is a biblical practice but a practice that is to be carried out in humility.  It is not a vain show or a superstitious way to earn salvation.  Rather fasting is a tool to spend more time in prayer and focus on Christ.  This spring(Lent), keep your eyes fixed on the hope that is yours in Christ Jesus.  
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday Morning Study Hour With Pastor 6-7AM
March 5 Small Groups
March 6 Monthly Outreach
March 10-11 Women’s Retreat
March 15 King’s Men and Daughters of the King
March 19 Genevan Pub
March 25 Church in Dialogue
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