April 23-29 Family Worship Guide 2023

The Guide for the Week
 April 23-29
 Third Sunday of Easter

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 1:20-33
Matthew 28:16-20
1 Peter 3
Psalm 69

Verse to Memorize
Matthew 28: 18-20

Catechism Questions
Q.  What is the great commission?
A.  With the Great Commission, Jesus commanded his Church to go into the world and make disciples of the nations.

Q. How does the Church make disciples?
A.  The Church makes disciples by proclaiming the Gospel, administering the sacraments, and teaching obedience to the word of God.

Q.  Can I participate in the great commission?
A.  Yes, all of God’s people should contribute to the work of disciple making by
               1.  Telling their family, friends, and neighbors about Jesus.
               2.  Giving to and supporting those called by God to preach.
               3.  Praying for those who are lost.

People to Pray for:
Church: Harmony Baptist Church
                Pastor Derrin Stidd
Ministry: Sweetwater Research
                  David Pendergrass
Civil Magistrate: US Senate- Indiana
                                Sen Todd Young
Notes for Parents:

Proverbs 1:20-33 (The notes on this passage in proverbs are written by Daniel Nolan.)
In our text today , wisdom is personified. This is a big word for you kids.Say personified.It just means to make something that’s not human act human.We do it all the time right? It’s fun it helps spark our imagination.  Has your couch ever stole your tv remote and ate it ? Have you ever been hugged by a warm blanket? Have the trees ever waved at you in the wind. We get it right . God is personifying wisdom for us to help think about it .  wisdom is shouting , lifting her voice , crying out. Do hear her ? She’s all around you , on the streets , at the square , at the gate to the city. It will please God if you listen to her . Where can you find her ? Well you don’t have to look far. God has given us His word , his son whom has all Wisdom. Your parents ,grandparents, older siblings , your Pastors and elders . Listen to her or God will not listen to you.
Sometimes we need to just obey our leaders even when we don’t understand . It’s ok not to understand and simply to trust God . Daniel San wax on wax off . Learn the meaning after practices.

 22 “How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded? And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing And fools hate knowledge? How do you I love being simple ?  How do you hate knowledge?

One way I I love being simple , is I do not like planning . I like to deal with the challenges of the day as they come . In my mind I call it wise to not waste time and energy planning for a project that I can figure out as I go . I mean there are many things to deal with today and I’m to tired to think about tomorrow , let alone next Wednesday . So when it comes time to prepare the time of confession , I reap the world wind . All they daily duties of the day are on me and I’m under pressure to get it all done now . I don’t like to think . It hard . It’s like you know you have a test Friday and you avoid studying until Thursday and try to cram all the answers in one hour . It’s not wise right ? It’s simple minded . How do you do this ? Don’t be foolish , head wise council and do what they say . It will be hard but not as hard as if you ignore your parents , pastors  , teachers , and police officers.  We reap what we sow. What are we sowing ?

How do we hate knowledge ? I think of Mike Owen. Mike and I used to work together . If you haven’t noticed he is older than me . He has lived longer . Experienced more life than I . Made mistakes that I haven’t yet made .  Mike if you didn’t know was a professional tile setter for a time . I had watched a YouTube video and done it a handful of times . When mike told me I was doing it wrong and I was to messy I laughed at him . I hated his correction because I’m prideful and knowledge is a threat to my pride . Guess what , mike was right . I layed a tile floor for a lady , and didn’t read the instructions on the mortar bucket . So I thought , man I can knock this job out today and get paid if I go ahead and grout this sucker . So I crawled on the floor with wet mortar and started grouting . Boy was it pretty . Little did I know that my knees were sliding the tiles around . Long story short , I had to tear up half the floor and redo it . Slow and steady wins the race . It ended up taking another 3 days to finish the job .

To be naive means you don’t think about what it is God requires of you . To be a scoffer means you don’t care what God requires of you .

Does this apply to you ? Or does it only apply to those unregenerate people “out there” ?  Is your heart not desperately wicked ? Are you led in your day to day relationships by your feelings ? Men does your pride cause you to reject the wisdom of your brother,wife , or pastor  because you see his weakness? In other words men do you miss the beauty of the Forrest by the ugliness of a tree . Do you scoff, like I did with Mike at the wisdom of your loved ones. Wives, when your husband corrects you , do you say in your heart “that’s stupid”. Children does not your desire for fun cause you to unleash your fury when your brother or sister take your favorite toy ? Do you scoff at your mothers cooking because you don’t like green beans? How will you eat the bread of Gods word that hurts you if you can’t eat your dinner ?

Naive one , simple minded is what our Lord calls us today . Christ has kept His promise and poured out His Spirit on us , may we walk in it. If you are able to kneel with me , let us confess our sins to the Lord who is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of all our unrighteousness.

Matthew 28:16-20
Christ Jesus is King.  He came and through his death defeated sin, death, and the devil.  His resurrection is the vindication of His name and the declaration that He is truly the Son of God.  While on earth, He did not count quality with God something to grasp.  He lowered himself to become man.  He had no earthly power.  But in His death, burial, and resurrection, He earned for man justification, sanctification and glorification.  He came to plunder the devil’s territory and take back the earth.  After his resurrection, He took his disciples up on a mountain and showed them the nations. He told them that He had been given all authority in heaven and on earth.  And therefore his disciples are to go out and proclaim to the world that the time of ignorance is over.   God had overlooked much but now everyone must repent.  As Psalm 2 says, be wise and worship the King.   Kiss the Son, lest He be angry and you perish in the way.   Jesus is the King and the commission of the church is to go proclaim that to the world.  We are to tell the nations to repent and follow Christ.   Psalm 2 ends by saying How blessed are those who take refuge in Him.    Disciples are blessed.  The Church is to go forth making disciples of ALL nations teaching them to obey ALL that Christ has commanded because Christ has ALL authority.

The Christian religion is one which boldly goes in the world.  It is one of world conquest.  Not by military might, violence, and physical force.   But of the gospel proclamation which God is pleased to used to change hearts and therefore change the world.

1 Peter 3
The Apostle Peter spent part of Chapter 2 and now the beginning of Chapter 3 teaching Christians how to live in the stations of life God had placed them in.  We are to be faithful where God places us.   Be faithful as good citizens of the nation.   Live as free men but do not use this as an excuse to sin.  Submit to civil authorities.   Slaves are to serve their masters as if serving the Lord.   Likewise employees are to be good workers.   We are to bear up under suffering just as our Lord set an example for us.

Wives are to be submissive to their husbands.  Not just the perfect husbands, the ones who are especially like Jesus, but to even those who might be disobedient to the Lord.  This obviously does not mean participating in sin but it does mean being patient and honoring the order of the home.  Husbands are also exhorted to treat their wives with care knowing that their own prayers depend upon it.   The good Christian life is one lived in humble submission to the will of God, being faithful and obedient.  Peter summarizes it this way “To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit; not returning evil for evil or insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead; for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing.”

Psalm 69
You ever feel like everything starts going wrong all at the same time?  Ever feel like you are drowning in problems and don’t know the way out?  Trials often come upon us one after the other.  God often allows them to hit you relentlessly.  It is not because He does not love you but because He does.  He loves us and uses affliction to draw us near Him and make us utterly dependent upon Him.   In this psalm, David knew what it was like to feel like He was drowning.  He had enemies on all sides and was in deep pain.  He cries out to the Lord and in the end entrusts Himself to God.   This psalm finds its fullest fulfillment in Jesus Christ who was drowned in the wrath of God for Sin.   Jesus took trouble after trouble.  He had enemies who would not relent.  Yet God would not Jesus stay in the grave.  God sent the angels to unseal the tomb.  Jesus arose and now all His enemies should tremble with fear, lest they be swept away like a flood.  

Catechism/ Memory Verse
Can you be a part of the great commission?   Yes.   All who a part of the church take part of this work.  There are many ways to be involved.  Not everyone is called to be a street preacher or a pastor.  But all are called to use their talents and skills to honor Christ.  All disciples are called to make disciples.  And all are called to obey Christ’s commands.  

The Catechism questions are designed to teach the children about Christ’s commission.  Besides the three ways mentioned in the last question, what other ways can you and your children think of?   Remember though, its not enough merely to think about ways or to talk about them, get involved and be faithful.   On the first Monday in May, you will have opportunity to be involved in the outreach ministry of Sovereign King Church.  Go ahead and put in on your calendar.  Take your kids to the nursing home or to hand out tracts.  They will enjoy it and you will be teaching them to put their faith in practice.

People to Pray for:
Prayer for Harmony Baptist Church and Pastor Derin Stidd.   

Our Father in heaven,
We thank you for your grace that has redeemed us from our sins and rescued us from darkness. Thank you for the precious blood of your Son that has reconciled us to you and to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We also thank you for faithful and likeminded churches like Harmony Baptist Church and for the work of Pastor Derin Stidd in preaching, leading, and fighting against abortion.
We pray for Pastor Stidd's healing from the concussion he suffered in the past and ask that you strengthen him with your power in times of struggle. We also pray that the people of this church will submit to his leadership and that you will grow them in the fullness of the faith. Protect them from temptation and impurity, and keep them from division and strife. Please add to their number and help them to be a beacon of light in Indiana. We pray all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, who reigns with you, Father, and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen

Sweetwater Research and David Pendergrass
Our God who gives forth living water,
We thank you for the work of David Pendergrass in leading Sweetwater research.  We thank you for their work in helping impoverished regions institute plans and processes to provide clean drinking water.  We also thank you that as they do this work they are also concerned to bring the gospel to these regions.  We pray that you bless David with wisdom and strength as he mentors interns.   Help the interns to grow in the knowledge of you and in skill for this work.   Provide for all of their financial needs.  Help us at Sovereign King Church to consider the skills and talents you have given us and to desire to improve in these areas and to use them for your glory, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  Fill us with your living water, Lord, Amen.

Prayer for US Senator Todd Young                   
Dear Heavenly Father,
We come before you today to lift up US Senator Todd Young in prayer. We ask that you guide and lead him in his work, and that you strengthen him with your wisdom and grace.
We pray that Senator Young will come to a deep understanding of the need for repentance and faith in his life. Give him confidence to stand firm on your laws and principles, and fill him with a desire to honor you in all he does.

Lord, we pray that you will soften Senator Young's heart and open his eyes to see the truth of your word. May he seek your guidance and wisdom in his decisions, and may he have the courage to stand up for what is right, even in the face of opposition.

We ask that you bless Senator Young with your love, grace, and mercy, and that you surround him with godly counselors who will help him to discern your will.  Help him to know the limits of the authority you have given him.  Guide him in his work to protect God given rights and to punish evil.   In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Church History Spotlight
Catherine of Sienna
29 April 1380

Church History is messy especially in the years leading up to the Protestant Reformation.   God preserved his church through the years but this did not mean that there were not sins, abuses of authority, and disorder. The period of history in today’s lesson is similar to the book of Judges.   God used a woman to shame Israel at a time when its leadership was cowardly and sinful in that time.   Likewise with St. Catherine, God used a woman to shame the church when its leadership was focused on power and worldly riches.  

Catherine Benincasa, born in 1347, was the youngest (one of my sources says the 23rd) of twenty-five children of a wealthy dyer of Sienna (or Siena). At the age of six, she claimed to have a vision of Christ in glory, surrounded by His saints. From that time on, she spent most of her time in prayer and meditation, over the opposition of her parents, who wanted her to be more like the average girl of her social class. Eventually they gave in, and at the age of sixteen she joined the Third Order of St. Dominic (First Order = friars, Second Order = nuns, Third Order = laypersons), where she became a nurse, caring for patients with leprosy and advanced cancer whom other nurses disliked to treat.

She began to acquire a reputation as a person of insight and sound judgement, and many persons from all walks of life sought her advice, both in person and by letter. (We have a book containing about four hundred letters from her to bishops, kings, scholars, merchants, and obscure peasants.) She persuaded many priests who were living in luxury to give away their goods and to live simply.

In her day, the popes, officially Bishops of Rome, had been living for about seventy years, not at Rome but at Avignon in France, where they were under the political control of the King of France (the Avignon Papacy, sometimes called the Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy, began when Philip the Fair, King of France, captured Rome and the Pope in 1303). Catherine visited Avignon in 1376 and told Pope Gregory XI that he had no business to live away from Rome. He heeded her advice, and moved to Rome. She then acted as his ambassador to Florence, and was able to reconcile a quarrel between the Pope and the leaders of that city. She then retired to Sienna, where she wrote a book called the Dialog, an account of her visions and other spiritual experiences, with advice on cultivating a life of prayer.

After Gregory's death in 1378, the Cardinals, mostly French, elected an Italian Pope, Urban VI, who on attaining office turned out to be arrogant and abrasive and tyrannical, and perhaps to have other faults as well. The Cardinals met again elsewhere, declared that the first election had been under duress from the Roman mob and therefore invalid, and elected a new Pope, Clement VII, who established his residence at Avignon. Catherine worked tirelessly, both to persuade Urban to mend his ways (her letters to him are respectful but severe and uncompromising -- as one historian has said, she perfected the art of kissing the Pope's feet while simultaneously twisting his arm), and to persuade others that the peace and unity of the Church required the recognition of Urban as lawful Pope. Despite her efforts, the Papal Schism continued until 1417. It greatly weakened the prestige of the Bishops of Rome, and thus helped to pave the way for the Protestant Reformation a century later.

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