September 3-9th Family Worship Guide 2023

The Guide for the Week
September 3-9th 2023 AD. 14th Sunday After Pentecost

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 9:1-6
1 Samuel 7
Colossians 1
Psalm 88

Verse to Memorize
Proverbs 15:3

Catechism Questions
Q. 10. Where is God?
A. God is everywhere.

Q. 11. Can you see God?
A. No; I cannot see God, but he always sees me.

Q. 12. Does God know all things?
A. Yes; nothing can be hidden from God.

Q. 13. Can God do all things?
A. Yes; God can do all his holy will.
People to Pray for:
Church: Church of the King Evansville
                Pastor Jake Mentzel
Ministry: Evangel Presbytery
Civil Magistrate: Clark County Deputy Prosecutor
                                Krista A. Willike
Notes for Parents:
Proverbs 9:1-6
The following is from Matthew Henry:
Wisdom is here introduced as a magnificent and munificent queen, very great and very generous; that Word of God is this Wisdom in which God makes known his goodwill towards men; God the Word is this Wisdom, to whom the Father has committed all judgment. He who, in the chapter before, showed his grandeur and glory as the Creator of the world, here shows his grace and goodness as the Redeemer of it. The word is plural, Wisdoms; for in Christ are hid treasures of wisdom, and in his undertaking appears the manifold wisdom of God in a mystery.

Now observe here,
I. The rich provision which Wisdom has made for the reception of all those that will be her disciples. This is represented under the similitude of a sumptuous feast, whence it is probable, our Saviour borrowed those parables in which he compared the kingdom of heaven to a great supper, Mat_22:2; Luk_14:16. And so it was prophesied of, Isa_25:6. It is such a feast as Ahasuerus made to show the riches of his glorious kingdom. The grace of the gospel is thus set before us in the ordinance of the Lord's supper. To bid her guests welcome, 1. Here is a stately palace provided, Pro_9:1. Wisdom, not finding a house capacious enough for all her guests, has built one on purpose, and, both to strengthen it and to beautify it, she has hewn out her seven pillars, which make it to be very firm, and look very great. Heaven is the house which Wisdom has built to entertain all her guests that are called to the marriage-supper of the Lamb; that is her Father's house, where there are many mansions, and whither she has gone to prepare places for us. She has hanged the earth upon nothing, there in it we have no continuing city; but heaven is a city that has foundations, has pillars. The church is Wisdom's house, to which she invites her guests, supported by the power and promise of God, as by seven pillars. Probably, Solomon refers to the temple which he himself had lately built for the service of religion, and to which he would persuade people to resort, both to worship God and to receive the instructions of Wisdom. Some reckon the schools of the prophets to be here intended.

2. Here is a splendid feast got ready (Pro_9:2): She has killed her beasts; she has mingled her wine; plenty of meat and drink are provided, and all of the best. She has killed her sacrifice (so the word is); it is a sumptuous, but a sacred feast, a feast upon a sacrifice. Christ has offered up himself a sacrifice for us, and it is his flesh that is meat indeed and his blood that is drink indeed. The Lord's supper is a feast of reconciliation and joy upon the sacrifice of atonement. The wine is mingled with something richer than itself, to give it a more than ordinary spirit and flavour. She has completely furnished her table with all the satisfactions that a soul can desire - righteousness and grace, peace and joy, the assurances of God's love, the consolations of the Spirit, and all the pledges and earnests of eternal life. Observe, It is all Wisdom's own doing; she has killed the beasts, she has mingled the wine, which denotes both the love of Christ, who makes the provision (he does not leave it to others, but takes the doing of it into his own hands), and the excellency of the preparation. That must needs be exactly fitted to answer the end which Wisdom herself has the fitting up of.

II. The gracious invitation she has given, not to some particular friends, but to all in general, to come and take part of these provisions. 1. She employs her servants to carry the invitation round about in the country: She has sent forth her maidens, Pro_9:3. The ministers of the gospel are commissioned and commanded to give notice of the preparations which God has made, in the everlasting covenant, for all those that are willing to come up to the terms of it; and they, with maiden purity, not corrupting themselves or the word of God, and with an exact observance of their orders, are to call upon all they meet with, even in the highways and hedges, to come and feast with Wisdom, for all things are now ready, Luk_14:23. 2. She herself cries upon the highest places of the city, as one earnestly desirous of the welfare of the children of men, and grieved to see them rejecting their own mercies for lying vanities. Our Lord Jesus was himself the publisher of his own gospel; when he had sent forth his disciples he followed them to confirm what they said; nay, it began to be spoken by the Lord, Heb_2:3. He stood, and cried, Come unto me. We see who invited; now let us observe,

(1.) To whom the invitation is given: Whoso is simple and wants understanding, Pro_9:4. If we were to make an entertainment, of all people we should not care for, much less court, the company of such, but rather of philosophers and learned men, that we might hear their wisdom, and whose table-talk would be improving. “Have I need of madmen?” But Wisdom invites such, because what she has to give is what they most need, and it is their welfare that she consults, and aims at, in the preparation and invitation. he that is simple is invited, that he may be made wise, and he that wants a heart (so the word is) let him come hither, and he shall have one. Her preparations are rather physic than food, designed for the most valuable and desirable cure, that of the mind. Whosoever he be, the invitation is general, and excludes none that do not exclude themselves; though they be ever so foolish, yet, [1.] They shall be welcome. [2.] They may be helped; they shall neither be despised nor despaired of. Our Saviour came, not to call the righteous, but sinners, not the wise in their own eyes, who say they see (Joh_9:41), but the simple, those who are sensible of their simplicity and ashamed of it, and him that is willing to become a fool, that he may be wise, 1Co_3:18.

(2.) What the invitation is. [1.] We are invited to Wisdom's house: Turn in hither. I say we are, for which of us is there that must not own the character of the invited, that are simple and want understanding? Wisdom's doors stand open to such, and she is desirous to have some conversation with them, one word for their good, nor has she any other design upon them. [2.] We are invited to her table (Pro_9:5): Come, eat of my bread, that is, taste of the true pleasures that are to be found in the knowledge and fear of God. By faith acted on the promises of the gospel, applying them to ourselves and taking the comfort of them, we feed, we feast, upon the provisions Christ has made for poor souls. What we eat and drink we make our own, we are nourished and refreshed by it, and so are our souls by the word of God; it has that in it which is meat and drink to those that have understanding.

(3.) What is required of those that may have the benefit of this invitation, Pro_9:6. [1.] They must break off from all bad company: “Forsake the foolish, converse not with them, conform not to their ways, have no fellowship with the works of darkness, or with those that deal in such works.” The first step towards virtue is to shun vice, and therefore to shun the vicious. Depart from me, you evil-doers. [2.] They must awake and arise from the dead; they must live, not in pleasure (for those that do so are dead while they live), but in the service of God; for those only that do so live indeed, live to some purpose. “Live not a mere animal-life, as brutes, but now, at length, live the life of men. Live and you shall live; live spiritually, and you shall live eternally,” Eph_5:14. [3.] They must choose the paths of Wisdom, and keep to them: “Go in the way of understanding; govern thyself henceforward by the rules of religion and right reason.” It is not enough to forsake the foolish, but we must join ourselves with those that walk in wisdom, and walk in the same spirit and steps.

1 Samuel 7
He says remove the foreign gods and the Ashtaroth from among you.  Put away your idols.
Now let me say a word here about what I’m tempted to think.  How in the world did God’s people get mixed up in worshiping foreign gods and Ashtaroth.   First of all what is Ashtaroth, you might ask.  This was a female deity of the pagans.  The pagans worshiped male and female gods.  The two leading gods this is referring to is Baal and Ashtaroth.  They were fertility gods and worship of these gods included a lot of sexual activity.  In other words, this was the worship of male and female.  It was feminism and the worship of humanity.  And it was intimately connected with prostitution, sexual immorality, and homosexuality.   One commentator said “Most fun-loving Canaanites doubtless found the combination of liturgy and orgy highly congenial, not to speak of the convenience of having chapel and brothel at one location.”  Idolatry and sexual immorality went or I should say go hand in hand.  Along with this went child sacrifice so that your crops would grow.

It was extremely wicked and evil.  And in our day we would never do anything like this, right?  Wrong.  We know exactly what it is to live in a culture just like this.  Idolatry is intimately connected with sexual immorality in our day and is connected with the slaughter of little ones.  We look around and think how terrible it is with the LGBTQP+ whatever and abortion.  And yet this is the kind of stuff God’s people were following into.  They had adopted this stuff from the pagans.  

Its crazy.  And so I think how in the world did God’s people who had the God of the universe deliver them from slavery in Egypt and lead them with many miracles through the promised land fall into this great wickedness.  How did they get from that place to this kind of thing.
Scripture teaches us the path way to idolatry.  Romans 1:21 says For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.  

They knew God.  They did not honor Him.  So they didn’t worship Him.  They did not give thanks.   They were ungrateful.   They professed to be wise.  They were proud.
In other words, idolatry comes from pride, ingratitude, and a lack of worship of God.   It is an entitled ungrateful unbelieving heart.

Going back to that pattern I mentioned in the beginning.  The Hebrews fell into this idolatry because of these things and it almost always happened as they enjoyed great prosperity and peace.  They would receive good things from God’s hand but take them for granted.   There was no overwhelming sense of thankfulness and awe at God.  No, they acted as if they were owed it.  God delivers them out of Egypt and takes them through the Red Sea but before you know it they are grumbling and complaining as if they were owed.  And they get impatient that Moses has gone on a mountain with God and so they create an idol.

It’s the pattern that happens over and over again.  They are entitled.  They are proud.  They don’t give thanks as they ought.  Instead when things that are inconveniences happen, they begin to act as if they deserve all the mercies of God.  And so they grumble and murmur in their ingratitude.   They are entitled and proud.  They don’t worship God and so they exchange the glory of God for idols.  And from their idolatry leads to sexual immorality and all other kinds of sin.

I had a close friend once who claimed to be a Christian but said he struggled with homosexuality.   He has since given himself completely to that sin.   But something I noticed about him was how cynical and how ungrateful he tended to be about just normal things.  He even had a blog called the Hateful Movie Critic.

He was a cynic first before an outright homosexual.   Now I am not saying that if you ever grumble and complain that you are a homosexual but grumbling and complaining is gay.  Seriously, the way the Israelites fell into such a state was the slow steady pattern of ingratitude, pride, and failing to worship God.  Couple that with their desire to be like the pagans, to just want to fit in and to be like the rest of the world.

They gave in to idolatry because they were first grumblers against God.

RC Sproul says that grumbling itself is idolatry in two ways “Grumbling is idolatry first because it presents God as He is not. Whether our grumbling is built on the premise that God has let us down because He’s not loving enough to do better or strong enough to do better, it is built on a lie about Him. He loves us. By name. Personally. Emotionally. Truly. And He is almighty over all things. There is nothing that can thwart His sovereign will. When we are going through hardship, the deepest, soul piercing hardship, it is precisely because He loves us and has ordained our hardship for our good and His glory. Grumbling does not believe this.
Grumbling is idolatry second because it appeals to a god that does not exist, a god above God. Grumbling says to the living God, “You are not measuring up to the standard of a god I have invented in my own head. That god insists that my life be different, more comfortable. You, Lord, are letting him down. If You’re not careful, You may find Yourself under his judgment.” You can’t “tell on” God not just because the Judge of all the earth always judges rightly, but because there is no court of appeal over Him.  Who you going to call?

Now when I think of this then my question about the Israelites falling into this sinful idolatry can start hitting home with me and you.  We live in a time with all this gross sexual immorality.  Our culture is entitled. It is ungrateful. It doesn’t worship God.  It worships the idols of feminism and emasculated man.  I know it makes me lament.  My soul is saddened by it all.   And so I’m tempted to think I’m free from all this and yet I can see the same patterns in my life that contribute to this sin all around us.

So let me ask “Do we have idols?   Are we still tempted to this path?”
Now of course we are still tempted and of course we can still fall into idolatry.  We would be fools to act as if we can’t. We live in the most prosperous time in history.  This is a description from one book I read of us:

“We have never had more widespread access to comforts the kings and emperors that ruled our ancestors could not have even dreamed of. Even the poorest people among us have their food preserved by a magical contraption that keeps it cool. We can communicate instantly to anyone on the planet at any time with a tiny device in our hand. For a day or two’s labor we can board a small, metal, mobile building that magically transports us through the air to any place on the planet. When once daily meat consumption was reserved for kings, our homeless beggars have never gone a day without the ability to eat a cheeseburger. And yet, since we are born into it we have absolutely no perspective to appreciate the hysterically absurd prosperity all around us. For all of human history, in every place on the globe, there was no greater cause of death and disease than hunger and starvation. However, in our world, the greatest threat to the health of the poor is obesity-related disease. We have more abundance than any people in the history of the planet, yet we have never been more miserable.”  Why?

 And it is easy for us to be like Israel and to be entitled with all this and thus to be unthankful.   It’s easy to be an ungrateful person.   And thus if something happens that takes us out of our comfort, isn’t it easy to grumble and complain against the Lord.   And its here that we begin to create an idol.  We turn to other gods to satisfy us.  Isn’t it here we start the cycle of the judges.
Grumbling not only creates an idol but often shows other idols we have.  Things we think more important than God and his glory.  What are the things you find yourself grumbling about?  I grumble when my comfort is disturbed.  I grumble when things don’t go my way.   What about you?
So don’t be too hard on the Hebrews but instead listen to what Samuel says to them.

Colossians 1
Colossians 1 is a chapter in the New Testament of the Bible that emphasizes the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Colossian church, extols Christ as the image of the invisible God, the Creator of all things, and the head of the Church. He highlights the reconciling work of Christ's death on the cross, which brings redemption and forgiveness of sins to believers. Paul emphasizes the importance of Christ's preeminence in all aspects of life and encourages the Colossians to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, rooted in faith, and abounding in thanksgiving. This chapter serves as a powerful reminder of the centrality of Christ in the Christian faith and the transformative impact of His gospel.

Psalm 88
So what is the difference between grumbling and lament.  This Psalm is an example of lamenting. The Psalm writer is not grumbling about the Lord’s providence but is rather crying out to God for help during some of the darkest times.  When we speak against grumbling, don’t think we are against lament.  There are times when God’s people must cry out to the Lord lifting their burdens to Him.  He cares for you.

Catechism/ Memory Verse
A good song to sing this week is be careful little eyes.
The Father up above is looking down in love.   He sees us and knows us.  He knows the thoughts of our hearts.   This means we need not hide our sins from him.  We can’t hide them.  Instead we should repent and seek His face.  

People to Pray for:
Church of the King Evansville
                Pastor Jake Mentzel

Heavenly Father,
We approach your throne with resolute hearts, seeking your divine protection and guidance for Church of the King and its  shepherd, Pastor Jake Mentzel. In the face of the adversary's lies and the snares of temptation, we turn to you, our Rock and Refuge.
Lord, we beseech you to shield Church of the King from the cunning lies of the devil. May the congregation remain firmly grounded in your truth, unwavering in their faith, and steadfast in their commitment to your Word. Grant Pastor Jake the wisdom and discernment to lead your flock through the deceptive paths of this world.
In the midst of a world teeming with temptation and sin, we pray for Jake's strength. May he be fortified by the unyielding power of the gospel, finding in it the courage to resist the allure of sin and the world's fleeting pleasures. May the gospel be his unwavering foundation, his source of inspiration and unwavering resolve.
Lord, we lift up Church of the King and Pastor Jake Mentzel, knowing that the battle against the enemy is real. We entrust them into your mighty hands, confident that your protection and grace will prevail.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, we pray.

Prayer for Evangel Presbytery
Mighty God,
We bow before you today with hearts steadfast in faith, seeking your guidance and strength for Evangel Presbytery and the churches under its care. We lift up our voices in prayer for the congregations and mission churches that make up this body of believers, and we implore your divine intervention.
Father, we ask for unity among our churches, that we may stand as a united front in the service of your Kingdom. May our shared faith in Christ and mission to proclaim your Word bind us together in unwavering fellowship.
Grant us, O Lord, the strength to proclaim your Word boldly and without compromise. May our pulpits resound with the truth of your gospel, and may our congregations be fortified in their faith, unswayed by the winds of the world. Bless the pastors, elders, and leaders in these churches with courage and wisdom as they shepherd your flock.
We acknowledge the reality of spiritual battles and the attacks of the devil. We beseech your protection, O God. Shield our churches and mission works from the schemes of the evil one. May your heavenly armor guard us, and may we find refuge in your unfailing love.
We lift up the following churches in particular:
Christ Church (Cincinnati, OH)
Clearnote Church (Indianapolis, IN)
Holy Trinity Reformed Church (Camby, IN)
Sovereign King Church (Jeffersonville, IN)
Trinity Presbyterian Church (Spartanburg, SC)
Trinity Reformed Church (Bloomington, IN)
Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington (Bloomington, IN)
Christ Church (Columbus, IN)
Church of the King (Evansville, IN)
Bless these congregations and mission churches, Lord, and may they be beacons of your light and truth in their communities.
In your mighty name, we pray.

Prayer for Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Krista A. Willike
Dear Heavenly Father,
We gather today, grateful and reverent, seeking your grace and guidance for Krista A. Willike, the resolute Deputy prosecutor for Circuit 1 in Clark County. We understand the immense responsibilities she shoulders daily as she confronts the darkest aspects of our world in her pursuit of justice.
We recognize that Krista's role in the criminal justice system is far from easy. She deals with the gravity of murder, sex crimes, and violent offenses, displaying unwavering commitment and decisive skill in the face of evil. Grant her the strength to endure and the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong.
In this challenging position, marked by volatility, we beseech your divine protection and grace for Krista. May she find the fortitude to persevere in this demanding role.
Lord, her name means "follower of Christ," we pray that she may come to know your love and truth.  May she follow Christ, drawing near to you as she carries out her duties. May she seek your guidance and wisdom.
Guard Krista from the temptations that lurk in this challenging environment. Preserve her integrity and her steadfast commitment to justice. Remind her that true justice is rooted in your divine law..
We commit Krista A. Willike into your loving care. May she stand as a beacon of light and hope in the pursuit of justice, with your presence guiding her every step.
In Jesus Christ's name, we pray.

Church History Spotlight

Dr. D. James Kennedy
September 4, 2007

The following is an article on James Kennedy entitled More Alive than Ihave ever been before by Pastor David T. Myers
Dr. Kennedy was preaching from the pulpit one Sunday morning near the end of his life when he began to talk about what it would be like when he finally passed away and went to heaven.  As he spoke of his pine box being brought in at his funeral, Dr. D. James Kennedy warned against any weeping at the sight.  Instead, he said “I want you to begin with the Doxology and end with the Hallelujah chorus, because I am not going to be there, and I am not going to be dead.  I will be more alive than I have ever been in my life.  I will be alive forever, in greater health and vitality and joy than ever, ever, I or anyone has known before.”
The above quotation was on his funeral bulletin after his death at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 5, 2007. He had returned from the medical facility just ten days before, after being stricken with a heart attack the previous year. His last sermon had been preached on December 24, 2006, with his retirement from the pulpit of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church for the last  forty-seven years.

Much has been written on the man and his ministry.  His twin themes of the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate characterized his messages and ministry in Fort Lauderdale, the state of Florida, the nation, and the world.  .  Taking every thought captive to the Lord Jesus and reclaiming the culture of our once blessed nation and people, enabled the cultural mandate to become practice instead of mere theory.   Jesus once said that we were to pray that laborers be literally thrust out into the harvest, for it was ready to be gathered.   When is the next D. James Kennedy to be raised up for the ripe harvest?  Indeed, where is the next generation of pastors and teachers, missionaries, evangelists, helpers, administrators, and you can add all the spiritual gifts here, going to step forward and be counted for labors in the kingdom of grace?  The harvest is there.  The church is there.  The culture is there.  Where are the laborers?  Pray for a mighty calling today for service in our day.
Upcoming Events:
Morning Study Hour With Pastor 6-7AM
September 6 Worship Team Practice
September 10 New Members Class
September 10 Genevan Pub with Michael Foster
September 11 Nursing Home Ministry
September 13 Women’s Bible Study
September 20 Kings Men and Daughters of the King
October 28 All Hallows Reformation Festival
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