September 10-16th Family Worship Guide 2023

The Guide for the Week
September 10-16th 2023 AD.
15th Sunday After Pentecost

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 9:7-18
1 Samuel 8
Colossians 2
Psalm 89

Verse to Memorize
2 Timothy 3:16-17

Catechism Questions
Q. 14. Where do you learn how to love and obey God?
A. In the Bible.

Q. 15. Who wrote the Bible?
A. Holy men who were taught by the Holy Spirit.
People to Pray for:
Church: Christ Church Columbus, IN
                Pastor Andrew Halsey
Ministry: Michael Foster Missionary to Romania
Civil Magistrate: Clark County Deputy Prosecutor
                                BERNADETTE OLMOS
Notes for Parents:
Proverbs 9:7-18

One of the biggest differences between the foolish man and the wise is that the wise man will receive instruction.    Our passage calls the foolish man a scoffer.   A scoffer according to the Cambridge dictionary is someone who laughs or speaks about a person or idea in a way that shows that they think that the person or idea is stupid of silly.

The scoffer thinks he is above correction.  The idea that someone else may know more than him and be able to teach him is something he can’t even fathom.   When I have preached in public I have ran into many scoffers.  They don’t won’t even stop and consider the truth of Christ for a moment.  The have convinced themselves that its absurd.    But the open mockers are not the only type of scoffers.

Many people won’t come right out and mock the idea of correction and in fact they may even say “oh yeah, I’m open to correction.”  But when correction comes they resist it.   How many people know their life is in shambles because of their own choices but will do everything they can to defend those choices rather than to change?

The proverb says that if you try to teach a scoffer, he will hate you.  But a righteous and wise man will receive instruction.  He will get yet wiser.  

You want to be wise.  And you want your children to be wise.  This takes work.  Part of the work is disciplining them to receive instruction.   Some children have a hard time taking correction.   They pout, get angry, and are stubborn.   Some children are sweet though and yet sensitive.  A little correction causes them to cry and be embarrassed.    Both the stubborn rebellious one and the hypersensitive need to be taught to receive instruction.  You have to discipline both for refusing to be wise.  The discipline may look different for each child and you will need to be sensitive to their temperaments. But part of your job is helping them to love correction and this starts with the fear of the Lord.

A third type of scoffer is the loud, boisterous, naïve and proud woman.  She’s the girl who always says what is on her mind and thinks she knows more than she does.  She is the foolish woman.    And she typifies foolishness in our passage.  The fool thinks she knows it all.  She’s not scared to voice her opinion and to encourage sinfulness.  Avoid this woman.   And work hard to make sure your daughters are not this woman.

1 Samuel 8
There is a lot to say about this passage and I encourage you to go back and listen to the sermon.    In this short note, I am not going to cover the whole passage but just the first three verses.   Samuel is getting old.  He’s been a faithful judge.  If you go back to the previous chapter, Israel enjoyed great prosperity and peace under his leadership.   He’s a godly man.   He has two sons whose names both signify something good about God.  They are both young men who have grown up under a godly father.   And yet when put in a place of authority, they show that they are not like their father.  They love money and therefore are willing to take bribes.  They pervert justice.

It is a sad indictment of these two sons.  They sound awfully similar to the two sons of Eli and yet unlike Eli, Samuel is not spoken of badly in this book.  I am sure there may have been things he could have done better as a father.   But it’s sad to see this-A good man with ungodly sons.
This should teach us that while we believe in the covenant promises of God- that He will be our God and the God of our children- the salvation of our children is by the grace of God and not just by their familial relationship to us.   We must therefore do all we can to instruct them in the fear of the Lord but more importantly be praying for them.  Never stop teaching your children the gospel.  Never stop praying for them.

We don’t know if Samuel’s sons did turn back to the Lord or not.  Perhaps they did after Israel appointed a king.   Removing them from office may have been the thing that God used to save them.   We just don’t know.  

What we do know is that we can’t stop teaching, disciplining, and praying for our children.   Salvation belongs to the Lord.

Colossians 2
This chapter teaches us that wisdom is found in Jesus Christ.   Since we have received Him by faith, we are to walk in Him.  We are to live our faith in obedience to His commands.   We also need to be on guard against anyone who would try to take us captive by other empty ideas.   Christ died to give us freedom from sin.   It is in obeying He that we have life.

But there will always be people trying to lead you into slavery to some other system.  They will have all kinds of rules and regulations for you to obey.  And some of them have the appearance of wisdom.   Don’t eat that.  Don’t drink this.   You will be really righteous if you never touch a drop of alcohol or if you become a vegan.   There are all kinds of ways that men like to pile up commands and systems for you to follow to make you happy and free.   And they do seem to have the appearance of wisdom but Paul says they are no real value against sin.  
To fight against sin you must have faith in Christ and obey His commands.

Psalm 89
Psalm 89, a powerful and resolute declaration of faith, exalts the eternal and unwavering covenant between God and His people. It begins by celebrating God's steadfast love and faithfulness, emphasizing His sovereignty over all creation. The psalmist extols the Davidic covenant, highlighting how God chose David as His anointed king, promising an enduring dynasty.  This dynasty finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

Yet, as the psalm unfolds, it acknowledges the trials and tribulations faced by the people of Israel, seemingly questioning the faithfulness of God. In the face of adversity, the psalmist implores God to remember His promises and intervene on behalf of His people.
In its conclusion, Psalm 89 reaffirms the unshakeable nature of God's covenant, reminding us that even in times of hardship and doubt, His faithfulness endures. It calls upon all who hear it to trust in the Lord's unchanging character and rely on His promises with unwavering resolve.

Catechism/ Memory Verse
The bible is the place where we find truth.   The devil wants nothing more than to keep you from it.  It is the most read book on the planet and yet least read book.  No other book in history had had its impact.  It has outlasted all assaults against it.  And it will stand firm even if the earth were to fade away.
Don’t let sin keep you from the bible.   Read it.   Treasure it.   Think about it.  Pray through it.  Believe it and Obey it.

People to Pray for:
Christ Church Columbus, IN
                Pastor Andrew Halsey

Heavenly Father,
We come before you today with hearts filled with gratitude for the establishment of Christ Church in Columbus, Indiana, and for the faithful leadership of Pastor Andrew Halsey. We acknowledge the challenges this new church faces as they are few in number but filled with a deep desire to grow and spread Your word.
Lord, we lift up Pastor Andrew Halsey to you. Grant him wisdom, courage, and a never-give-up attitude as he shepherds this congregation. May he always seek Your guidance in leading Christ Church and remain steadfast in his commitment to Your Word and Your people.
We also beseech You, Lord, to fulfill the desire of Christ Church to grow. We humbly ask that, in Your providence, You would add to their number three new families in the next three months. Open the hearts of those in the community to hear and respond to the message of Your grace that Christ Church proclaims.
May Christ Church in Columbus, Indiana, be a shining light in the community, a place where Your name is glorified, Your Word is faithfully preached, and where people find love, hope, and a deepening relationship with You. We place all these requests in Your capable hands, trusting in Your perfect timing and purpose.
In Jesus' name, we pray.

Michael Foster Missionary to Romania
Mighty King,
We come before you today with a simple and earnest prayer for Michael Foster, your faithful servant and missionary to Romania. We thank you for his dedication to spreading the Gospel in this foreign land.
Lord, we lift up Michael and his financial needs to you. You are the provider of all good things, and we ask that you supply for his financial needs abundantly, enabling him to continue his work in Romania without worry or distraction.
Father, we also ask for your strength and encouragement to be upon Michael. The path of a missionary can be challenging, and at times, discouragement may creep in. We pray that you would uplift his spirit, reminding him of your calling and your presence with him.
Moreover, we beseech you to open the hearts and minds of the people of Romania to the Gospel. May they receive the message of salvation with open hearts and receptive minds, turning to you in faith and love. We ask that you bless his efforts and bring forth three new converts to the faith in the next three months. May these individuals find hope, forgiveness, and eternal life through faith in your Son, Jesus Christ.
We entrust Michael Foster and his work in Romania into your hands, believing in your sovereignty and your ability to accomplish great things through his ministry. In Jesus' name, we pray.

Prayer for Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Bernadette Olmos
Our Father who is Just and Merciful,
You are the Good Father and you have appointed civil government to be your servant for justice.  We pray now for Bernadette Olmos, who serves as a Clark County Deputy Prosecutor. We lift her up to you, seeking your guidance and grace in her life.
Lord, we pray that Bernadette would turn to you in repentance and find faith in Jesus Christ. May she come to know the forgiveness and redemption that only He can offer. We ask that she would earnestly seek to obey your commands and live a life that reflects your truth.
In her role as a prosecutor, we pray that she would not be discouraged or lazy in her pursuit of justice. Help her to understand that her work is appointed by you and that she must obey your commands to ensure true justice prevails.
We also lift up Bernadette's home life to you, Lord. We ask for your guidance and blessing in her personal relationships and responsibilities. May she find strength and wisdom in you as she navigates the challenges of both her professional and personal life.
We place all these requests before you, trusting in your love and sovereignty. May Bernadette Olmos experience your transforming grace and be a vessel of your justice and mercy in her role as a Deputy Prosecutor and in all aspects of her life.
In Jesus' name, we pray.

Church History Spotlight
Cyprian of Carthage, Bishop and Martyr
13 September 258

“He can no longer have God for his Father, who has not the church for his mother.”

Cyprian was born around 200 AD in North Africa, of pagan parents. He was a prominent trial lawyer and teacher of rhetoric. Around 246 he became a Christian, and in 248 was chosen Bishop of Carthage. A year later the persecution under the Emperor Decius began. After the persecution had died down, it remained to consider how to deal with the lapsed, meaning with those Christians who had denied the faith under duress. Cyprian held that they ought to be received back into full communion after suitable intervals of probation and penance, adjusted to the gravity of the denial. In this he took a middle course between Novatus, who received apostates with no probation at all, and Novatian, who would not receive them back at all, and who broke communion with the rest of the Church over this issue, forming a dissident group particularly strong in Rome and Antioch.  Cyprian, who held the same position as the Bishop of Rome on the treatment of the lapsed, wrote urging the Christians not to divide from Church.  He was opposed to the Noviatians who split starting their own church.  

Many of his writings have been preserved. His essay On The Unity of The Catholic Church stresses the importance of visible, concrete unity among Christians, and the role of the leaders in guaranteeing that unity. It has greatly influenced Christian thought, as have his essays and letters on Baptism and the Lord's Supper.   His famous quote above about the church was written during this time. John Calvin along with other reformers quoted him on the unity of the church.

During the reign of the Emperor Valerian, Carthage suffered a severe plague epidemic. Cyprian organized a program of medical relief and nursing of the sick, available to all residents, but this did not prevent the masses from being convinced that the epidemic resulted from the wrath of the gods at the spread of Christianity. Another persecution arose, He was arrested, tried, and finally beheaded on 14 September 258.

Prayer thanking God for Cyprian
Almighty God, who gave to your servant Cyprian boldness to confess the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ before the rulers of this world, and courage to die for this faith: Grant that we may always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us, and to suffer gladly for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
Upcoming Events:
Morning Study Hour With Pastor 6-7AM
September 13 Women’s Bible Study
September 20 Kings Men and Daughters of the King
September 23 Farmers Market Outreach
October 28 All Hallows Reformation Festival
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