September 17-23rd Family Worship Guide 2023

The Guide for the Week
 September 17-23rd 2023 AD.
16th Sunday After Pentecost

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 10:1-11
1 Samuel 9
Colossians 3
Psalm 90

Verse to Memorize

Psalm 119:9

Catechism Questions
Q.  What is the Bible?
A. The Bible is the word of God. It is eternally true and applicable for all of life.

Q.  How many books are in the Bible?
A. There are 66 books contained in the Old and New Testaments which make up the Bible.
People to Pray for: 
Church: Trinity Presbyterian Church
                Pastor Andrew Dionne
Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington
                  Pastor Jason Chen  
Civil Magistrate:
Clark County Deputy Prosecutor
                                R. THOMAS LOWE
Notes for Parents:
Proverbs 10:1-11

This chapter begins the rapid fire proverbial wisdom that the book of proverbs is known for.  And several themes stick out in this first ten verses:
1.  Wise children are blessings to their parents.  But foolish children are a grief.   There are two reasons for this
                a.  Every parent wants what is good for their children and so to watch them be foolish is very discouraging. It breaks a parents heart.
                b.  A foolish son not only goes against what a parent would want for him, he is often a reflection of them.  A foolish son is a grief because often his foolishness shows how foolish the parents were in raising him.   Though as we learned last week in 1 Samuel, it is not always the case that a foolish son is a reflection of his upbringing.
2.  The wise man will work hard.   He is diligent and prepared.  
3.  A wise man will guard his speech.  

1 Samuel 9
Saul appears to be the kind of young man we all want our sons to be.  He is tall and handsome.  He is obedient to His father and respectful of how his father may worry about him.  He appears responsible.  He’s the kind of young man that you would choose to be a leader.  

Yet, He isn’t from the tribe of the promised king and we know that later on his heart is not really full of faith.   He seems to start off strong but sadly does not have the roots to be a good king.
We need to be careful of merely judging externally.  God looks at the heart.   This doesn’t mean that externals don’t matter.  It is true that we want our sons to be respectful, obedient, and responsible.  We want them to be strong and manly.   These are important characteristics.  But the most important is that they have a heart after God, like King David.
Never neglect matters of the heart in the education and instruction of your sons.  

Colossians 3
There is so much good application in this chapter for those who have been raised up with Christ.   You are not saved by your good deeds.   You are declared righteous by the good grace of God which you receive by faith alone.   But if you have been declared righteous (A righteousness that belonged to Christ for his obedience and death on the cross and is given to you) than God will also make you righteous in your own life.
You are united with Christ.  Your sinful flesh died with Him on the cross, therefore you are to leave like it.   Consider yourself dead to sin but alive to love and all the good things of God.
This chapter is chalk full of things to throw off and things to put on.  Throw off lies and put on truth.   Throw off anger and put on gentleness and patience.   Bear with one another.  Forgive one another.

If you want a Christian home, it needs to look like verse 12-17.
Psalm 90
Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
This familiar verse comes from a Psalm in which the writer acknowledges that God is sovereign over all things, including the length of our life. He is the God who gave birth to the earth, and the God who turns man back to dust. God knows all of our sins, including our secret sins. We experience trials, tribulations, and suffering in this life due to sin. We live 70-80 years, and we must work and toil throughout our lives. Our life ends facing our greatest enemy: death.
It is hard work, hard suffering, and incredibly short compared to eternity. The Psalm writer, by asking God to teach them to number their days, is asking God to give them humility and faith for all this work. They plead with God to show His mercies to them each day, to be glad and full of joy during the short days of life, and that God would pour out His kindness on them and their children. Lastly, the psalmist pleads that God would confirm the work of His hands, so it may not be in vain.

Remember that your days are short and yet if you serve Christ all your toil will not be in vain.
Mother, the time you have with small children is almost over.  Every day, they grow older.  Treasure this time.   There will come a time when all the laundry, dishes, fixing lunches, housework, homeschooling, and disciplining children will be gone.  Number those days.  You get 6574 days from birth to age 18.   If you have a ten year old, you only have 2922 days left till they are 18.   You can’t get one of them back.

Therefore serve God and love your family.   Don’t grumble about the work you are doing.  Rather make the most of your time because the days are short.
Catechism/ Memory Verse

If you want to keep your way pure and free from sin, you need the word of God.  As was said it last week’s guide, the Bible will keep you from sin and sin will keep you from the Bible.   We ought then always be in the word of God.   It is the one thing in this world that you know is true.   This is especially comforting in a time in which we are constantly bombarded with messages from the world.  Everyone has an opinion about everything.  We have so much information at our fingertips and yet we are probably less intelligent than previous generations who did not have the internet.

Give yourself to reading the bible.  And help your sons and daughters to love it.   Your children are going to be hit with even more messages and propaganda than you could ever dream of.  The wicked world and the devil wants to pull them away.   The word of God is how they will remain pure.   Hide the word of God deep in their hearts.  
People to Pray for:
Trinity Presbyterian Church and Pastor Andrew Dionne
Heavenly Father,
We come before you today with hearts full of gratitude for the Trinity Presbyterian Church and Pastor Andrew Dionne. We thank you for the faithful ministry they have undertaken in your name. We lift them up in prayer, asking for your blessings, guidance, and strength.
Lord, we pray that you would empower Trinity Presbyterian Church to be steadfast in their mission of training up the next generation. Grant them the wisdom to teach your Word faithfully and the patience to nurture the young souls entrusted to their care. May the youth of the congregation grow in the knowledge and love of you, becoming bold and courageous leaders in your service.
Father, we specifically lift up the young men within the church. We ask that you would ignite a fire within their hearts, emboldening them to step up into leadership roles. May they be examples of godly masculinity, demonstrating courage, integrity, and a heart for service to you.
Lord, protect the unity and purity of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Guard them against the divisive forces of this world and help them stand firm in the truth of your Word. May their love for one another and their commitment to holiness shine brightly as a beacon of hope and inspiration.
We also pray for a heart of love and concern for the broader church in the world. May Trinity Presbyterian Church be a source of encouragement and support to other congregations and ministries. Help them to recognize their place within the larger body of Christ and to work together with fellow believers for the advancement of your kingdom.
In all these things, we humbly submit to your will, knowing that your plans are perfect and your ways are higher than ours. We ask for your blessings upon Trinity Presbyterian Church and Pastor Andrew Dionne, that they may continue to faithfully serve you and bring glory to your name.
We offer this prayer in the strong and mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Chinese Reformed Church and Pastor Jason Chen
Gracious Father,
We lift  up the Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington and Pastor Jason Chen. We thank you for his unwavering commitment to your Word and mission to proclaim the gospel to Chinese immigrants and students. As we pray, we ask for your guidance and strength in their endeavors.
Lord, we beseech you to open the hearts of the Chinese students from Indiana University to hear the life-transforming message of the gospel. May they not only hear but also believe in Christ, experiencing the grace of salvation. Grant them a boldnes to stand firmly for Christ, not only in America but also in China if they return home, where the challenges are great.
We humbly ask for your divine protection over these students, especially those facing persecution for their faith. Shield them from harm and grant them the courage to endure trials for the sake of your name. May they be willing to part with anything that would hinder their obedience to Christ, counting the cost of discipleship and finding it worthy.
Lord, we pray for the Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington, asking that you would add to their number three new faithful members. Send laborers into their midst, passionate about your Word and committed to the fellowship of believers. Strengthen the bonds of love and unity within their congregation.
Father, we know that your will is sovereign, and we submit to your divine plan for this church and its pastor. May they remain faithful to your calling, unyielding in their dedication to your truth, and fervent in their mission to make disciples.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, we pray.

Prayer for Clark County Deputy Prosecutor R. Thomas Lowe
Mighty God,
Thank you that you are a just and holy God.  You created civil government to protect the good and punish evil.  We pray for Assistant Deputy Prosecutor R. Thomas Lowe, who serves in the pursuit of justice in Clark County. We acknowledge that the authority he exercises is under your divine sovereignty, and we lift him up in prayer, seeking your guidance, wisdom, and protection.
Lord, we earnestly pray that R. Thomas Lowe would come to know Christ and His law intimately. Open his heart and mind to the truth of your Word, and may he find in it the ultimate source of justice and righteousness. Help him understand that his office is ultimately under the authority of Christ, and that one day, he will answer to Jesus for how he serves justice.
Grant R. Thomas Lowe the courage to be bold in his pursuit of justice, yet gentle and kind in his interactions with others. May he always seek to be just and fair, discerning which cases to prosecute with wisdom and integrity. Let your divine guidance direct his decisions, ensuring that he upholds the principles of righteousness and truth.
Lord, in the challenging and often stressful environment of legal proceedings, protect R. Thomas Lowe from discouragement and stress. Grant him resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. Fill him with your peace and grant him the strength to carry out his duties with a steadfast heart.
May your presence be a guiding light in his life and work, and may he find solace in knowing that he serves a higher purpose under your divine authority.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our King and ultimate source of justice, we pray.

Church History Spotlight

Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury
19 September 690

(Note:  Church history before the reformation in 1517 has a lot of accounts involving popes.  This does not mean that the office of Pope is something we endorse but rather we recognize that God was working even as things were messy.  God used a man like Theodore of Tarsus to bring peace and stability to the church in England during this time. God still uses sinful but faithful men to accomplish his purposes.)

When the pagan Anglo-Saxons invaded England, they drove the native Celtic inhabitants north into Scotland and west into Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall. The Anglo-Saxons were subsequently converted to Christianity by Celtic missionaries from the north and west, and Roman and Gallic missionaries from the south and east. As a result, they ended up with two different "flavors" of Christianity. The difference was expressed mainly in the form of a disagreement about the proper method for calculating the date of Easter, a disagreement which we may suspect was a stand-in for other disagreements a little more difficult to articulate. In 663, a council was called to settle the dispute, the Synod of Whitby. It decided in favor of the Roman or continental way of doing things.

Soon after, the Archbishop of Canterbury died, and the English elected a successor, Wighard, and sent him to Rome to be consecrated by the Pope. Wighard died in Rome before he could be consecrated, and the Pope (Vitalian) took it upon himself to choose a man to fill the vacancy. He consecrated Theodore of Tarsus (the native city of the Apostle Paul), a learned monk (not a priest) from the East then living in Rome, 65 years old. This surprising choice turned out to be a very good one. Theodore was (as Bede put it in his Ecclesiastical History) "the first archbishop whom all the English obeyed." Having made a tour of his charge, Theodore filled the vacant bishoprics and in 672 presided over the first council of the entire English Churh, at Hertford. He established definite territorial boundaries for the various dioceses, and founded new dioceses where needed. He found the Church of England an unorganized missionary body, and left it a fully ordered province of the universal Church. The body of canon law drawn up under his supervision, and his structure of dioceses and parishes, survived the turmoil of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and are substantially intact today.

He founded a school at Canterbury that trained Christians from both the Celtic and the Roman traditions, and did much to unite the two groups. The school was headed by Adrian, an abbot born in Africa but later resident in Italy, who had been the Pope's first choice for Archbishop, but who had refused and recommended Theodore instead. Adrian was learned in the Scriptures, a good administrator, and fluent in Latin and Greek. The school taught Bible, theology and sacred studies, Latin and Greek (Bede alleges that some of the students knew these languages as well as they knew English), poetry, astronomy, and calendar calculation (of some importance for political reasons, as stated above).  

A Prayer thanking God for Theodore of Tarsus
Almighty God, who called your servant Theodore of Tarsus from Rome to the see of Canterbury, and gave him gifts of grace and wisdom to establish unity where there had been division, and order where there had been chaos: Create in thy Church, we pray, by the operation of the Holy Spirit, such godly union and concord that it may proclaim, both by word and example, the Gospel of the Prince of Peace; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday Morning Study Hour with Pastor 6-7 AM.  Do you hunger for the word?  Are you wanting to know how to study scripture and apply it?   Do you want to get a jump start on what the Pastor is going to preach next Sunday. This is an excellent time to dive deep into a passage of scripture, learn how to outline and think about a passage.  We also spend time confessing sin, thanking God for what He had done, and lifting our requestions to Him.   Get up early and connect with us on Zoom each week.

The King's Men and Daughters of the King kicks off this fall September 20th.   This is for all young people 5 years and up.   We will have food starting at 6PM.  

September 27- Life Together  -Women's Bible Study.     “Who can really be faithful in great things if he has not learned to be faithful in the things of daily life?”-Dietrich Bonhoeffer.   Women make sure you plan to be at the women's bible Study this Wednesday.  6:30 PM-8:30 PM.  At the church building.    You don't want to miss out on the fellowship and instruction from godly older women.  Don't allow yourself any excuse to miss.

The farmers market outreach on Saturday, September 30th . We will meet at the church at 8:30am . Believe it or not there are many farmers in hell . We have the answer. These are our immediate neighbors, they have set apart a day to assemble at the end of our street . So we will go and be a light and fulfill the command to love our neighbors . This will be a family friendly event minus the Jehovahs Witnesses seeking whom they may devour . Come join your brothers and sisters waging war against the kingdom of darkness .

 Ladies Outing
Tour the Botanical Gardens in Louisville on Saturday, September 30th at 10 am and having lunch afterwards. It’s for ladies ages 8+. Here is the link for the sign up.
October 28th-  All hands on deck for the All Hallows Reformation Festival.  This is our biggest outreach of the year.  Put this is on your calendar and make plans to volunteer as we enjoy Christian mirthfulness and celebrate church history on the streets of Jeffersonville.  Register here to reserve your food
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