May 19- 25th Family Worship Guide 2024

The Guide for the Week
May 19- May 25th 2024 Pentecost Sunday

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 21:1-10
1 Corinthians 15
Genesis 2
Psalm 126

Verse to Memorize
Romans 3:23

Westminster Shorter Catechism
Q. 15. What was the sin whereby our first parents fell from the estate wherein they were created?
A. The sin whereby our first parents fell from the estate wherein thy were created, was their eating the forbidden fruit.

People to Pray for:

Church:  Colgate Baptist Church
Ministry:  Daniel Courney Missionary to Nepal
Civil Magistrate: Jeffersonville City Council President
                                              Dustin White
Notes for Parents:
Proverbs 21:1-10

Verse 2 Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, But the Lord weighs the hearts.  
We all tend to judge others harshly while giving ourselves a pass. When someone else does something we don’t like, we not only judge their action, we just know that their motives must be terrible. Meanwhile, even in the areas where we know we are wrong, we believe that we only meant to do good. It is usually someone else’s fault anyway. We can’t help how we were raised. If our father had loved us better, if our mom had not been so nagging, if we had been born in a wealthier family, and on and on the ifs go.
The proverb pins us well. Every man thinks his ways are right. We can blame others, play the victim card, cover up our own motivations, and make excuses, but God knows our hearts. God knows who we are deep down. He knows that even when we appear to do good, our motivations may be merely for self-preservation or self-glory.
God knows us better than we do. Therefore, we must be humble before Him. We should compare our ways to His word. We should not lean on our own understanding but follow His paths.

This is why we need brothers and sisters in the church. We need others who can give us wisdom, help us see our own blind spots, and point us to the way of the Lord.
Talk through this proverb with your children. Be humble before them and help them to be humble. Humility doesn’t mean a lack of confidence, but it means confidence in the Lord.

1 Corinthians 15
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the linchpin of our faith. It is the vindication that Jesus is who He said He is. He declared Himself to be God, telling the Pharisees, “Before Abraham, I am.” If Jesus had stayed in the grave after being crucified, he would have faded into the dustbin of history, relegated as just another religious zealot who thought himself special. But unlike the false Messiahs, Jesus did not stay dead. He rose from the grave and was seen by over 500 people.

The Resurrection of Jesus is also proof that His sacrifice on the cross atoned for sins. In Jesus' bloody death, sins were covered, and God’s wrath was appeased. Our sin was placed on Him, as He who knew no sin became sin. This is why He was able to die. Death was made for the sinner, and Jesus was declared a sinner on our behalf. His death, however, atoned for sin, and therefore, though He bore our sins, those sins were atoned for in His death. Therefore, the grave could not hold Him. He was righteous, and death and Hades are not for the righteous. His resurrection then is proof that our sins have been paid for, which is why Paul says, “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins.” If Christ had not been raised, this meant his sacrifice did not atone for sins.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the guarantee that those who are in Christ will rise from the dead too. Since Jesus has risen from the dead, all those who believe in Him will also be raised. We are declared righteous by His sacrifice, and therefore the grave cannot hold us either. Jesus was the first fruit of the resurrection. We will all be raised at the end in the time of the harvest. Our bodies will be transformed into glorious bodies that cannot die nor sin. We will live forever with our Savior and our God.

Therefore, because of Jesus, we have great hope. He is reigning now, putting his enemies under his feet. At his return, He will defeat the final enemy, death. Therefore, we can rejoice even in the face of death. Its sting has been taken away.
The Resurrection of Jesus means that our work in the Lord is not in vain.

Genesis 2
This week as you read this account of God’s creation of Adam and Eve take some time to look at how God in the Bible defines man and woman.  

Psalm 126
Psalm 126:2 Then our mouth was filled with laughter And our tongue with joyful shouting
“Bringing in the Sheaves”

If you have ever watched "Little House on the Prairie," you know that when the people of Walnut Grove gather for church, they sing "Bringing in the Sheaves," an American hymn written by Knowles Shaw in 1874. This hymn is based on Psalm 126, which Matthew Henry says was written by Ezra when the Jews were able to come back from captivity in Babylon. In this short Psalm, the joy is evident and full. The Jews had been expelled from Jerusalem and held captive in a foreign land for 70 years. But by God’s grace, they were able to return home. You can imagine the joy that filled their hearts on their journey home. The Psalm writer said that they were full of laughter and joyful shouting. Their eyes were filled with tears from the joy of being set free. The weeping that accompanied their days of sowing the seed of suffering had borne fruit. They went out in sorrow but were returning with the harvest. The sheaves were full, and so were their hearts with joy.

This song, written from that experience, has been given the title "A Song of Ascent." As I have written before, this means it was sung on the way to the temple for worship. Therefore, every time that a Jew would go up to the temple for worship, he was reminded of the joy that came from the deliverance of the Lord. In other words, going to worship the Lord was to be a time marked with laughter, joyful shouting, tears of joy, and rejoicing. This song is useful to us then for several reasons. It teaches us that when we gather for worship with God’s people, we should remember how we were slaves to sin and have been set free. Going to church should fill our hearts with joy and our mouths with the laughter of thanksgiving and praise. Going to church should be to us a taste of heaven here on earth. Secondly, it teaches us that though we often must suffer in this life, sowing the seeds of faithfulness, there will be a day when we come into the presence with the sheaves of the harvest. We should not grow weary of doing good. Soon, there will be a joyful harvest.

Example Prayers for Weekly Prayer Concerns
Colgate Baptist Church

Lord Almighty, we pray for Pastor Hunter McDavid as he leads the revitalization efforts at Colgate Baptist Church. Grant him wisdom that surpasses his experience and instill a zealous spirit within the congregation. As they prepare for their upcoming block party, energize them with renewed vigor and unity, that they might effectively reach out to the community of Clarksville.
Father, fortify their endeavors to connect with the surrounding area, infusing their interactions with grace and truth. May their efforts yield a bountiful harvest of souls eager to know You. Encourage Pastor Hunter and his team to stand strong in faith, making Your truth known through every word and action.  We pray this in Jesus Name.  Amen

Daniel Courney
Heavenly Father, we lift up Your servant Daniel Courney, laboring faithfully in Nepal. Amidst the challenges and persecution, grant him wisdom to continue Your work with passion and perseverance. Protect him, Lord, and shield his family, as they care for orphans and spread Your gospel. Strengthen his wife as she toils alongside him, providing love and care to those without parents.
We also pray for those who hear Your Word through Daniel’s ministry. May their hearts be receptive to the gospel, leading them to trust in Christ and discover the joy of salvation. Surround Daniel and his mission with Your protection and provision, that they may continue to be a light in the darkness.  Make the name of Jesus glorious in Nepal, we ask in His name.  Amen

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore
God of Justice, we intercede for Jeffersonville City Council President Dustin White, especially as he aspires to serve as a judge. Guide his decisions, that they might reflect Your wisdom and justice. Inspire him to uphold Your laws and govern with integrity, seeking the welfare of the people and the honor of Your name.
Grant him a deep desire to see Jeffersonville align with the kingship of Jesus. As he pursues a judicial position, lead the selection process to favor a candidate who reveres You and upholds biblical justice. May his leadership contribute to a peaceful and dignified life for the residents of Jeffersonville under Your sovereign rule.  We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,  Amen.

Church History Spotlight
John Calvin, Theologian/ Pastor
27 May 1564

John Calvin (Jean Cauvin) was born at Noyon, France on 10 July 1509. At fourteen he was sent to Paris to study theology, and developed a particular interest in the writings of Augustine. He received his MA when 19. His father then insisted that he take up law instead, which he did for three years, returning to theology when his father died.
In about 1534, he underwent a sudden conversion and became an ardent Protestant. He went to Basel, a Protestant (Zwinglian) city in Switzerland, where he wrote and published the first edition of his Institutes of the Christian Religion, a work of systematic theology. Some philosophers are system-builders and some are not. Calvin was. Where others had been content to testify to their experience of God's grace, Calvin undertook a detailed logical account of grace. It is well to remember that his doctrine is rooted in the experience of God's grace at work in his own heart, and an unwillingness to attribute its presence to anything but the mercy of God, a determination never to claim that he has done anything more or better than Judas Iscariot to deserve a better destiny.

In 1536, he became one of the preachers in the city of Geneva, in 1538 he was banished, and in 1541 returned in triumph, and established a form of church government that has been associated ever since with churches called Reformed or Presbyterian. It provided for a set of boards or consistories to maintain discipline in local congregations and in district-wide groups of congregations, boards consisting partly of clergy and partly of the elected representatives of the congregation.

Calvin's major achievements are
The Institutes, which present an organized statement and defense of the Reformed theology.
His commentaries on the Scriptures.
His system of Church government. (Most of the serious Calvinists I know, when asked to explain why they prefer their denomination to the alternatives, mention this system as one that greatly appeals to them.)
His contributions to the dialogue on election, grace, free will, predestination, Divine sovereignty, etc.
His intense focus on pastoral care.
Luther and Calvin were contemporaries and part of similar movements within the Church, but there were important differences between them

A prayer of thanksgiving for John Calvin
Grant to us, Lord, we pray, the spirit to think and do always those things that are right; that we, who cannot do any thing that is good without you, may by you be enabled to live according to your will; and, taught by the writings of your servant John Calvin, may see in the blessings you give us the fruits, not of our deserving, but of your pure bounty; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

Announcements for the Week  05/19/2024- 05/25/2024
Enrollment Open:  Enrollment is open. Apply online at ($50/family application fee is payable online at the end of the application). If you have friends or family interested in applying or who would like more information, please send them to this link or give Pastor Greg Anglen their contact information.  
New Podcast Episode:   Check out the latest Patriarchy Podcast featuring America’s Strongest Man Anthony Diehl on physical fitness and healthy eating.
Prayer Concerns:
  • Expectant Mothers: We request special prayers for Shawn Crone, Rowina Spurgeon, Gabby Fluhr and Maddie Sands.
  • Colgate Baptist Church:  Pastor Hunter McDavid is a young pastor working to revitalize an older church.  He has also joined our own Pastor Joseph preaching in the open air.  The church is hosting a block party in July similar to how we have hosted a festival in the past.  Pray that Pastor Hunter would have wisdom beyond his years and that God would give zeal to those at Colgate.  Pray for a renewed vigor in the Lord and that they would have success reaching the Colgate area of Clarksville.    
  • Daniel Courney:  Daniel Courney is a missionary in Nepal.  He routinely preaches in the open air and has faced considerable persecution for this.  He has helped plant several churches and also leads an orphanage in his home.  Pray that God would give him wisdom along with his zeal.  Pray for his safety.  Keep his wife and children in prayer as his wife works hard with the orphans.  Finally pray for all those who would hear the word preached that they would trust in Christ and know the joy of salvation.  
  • Jeffersonville City Council President Dustin White: The Holy Spirit speaking through the Apostle Paul teaches us to pray for those in authority. Specifically scripture says “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”  Pray for Council President Dustin White that he would uphold God’s law and make judgements that are wise, godly, and good.  Pray that he would desire to see Jeffersonville submit to the Kingship of Jesus.  He is also running to be a judge.  Pray that God would have someone become judge who loves Him and will honor biblical justice.
  • Memorial Day Fellowship Meal May 26th    Sign up for bringing sides and other goodies.
  • Growing Kids God’s Way  Sunday Evenings in June 5-7 PM
  • Sharing the Gospel at Southern Indiana Pride June 1
  • Nursing Home June 3 
  • Evangel Presbytery Summer Meeting June 6
  • Genevan Pub June 16
  • Family Ministry Night June 19
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