June 2- 8th Family Worship Guide 2024

The Guide for the Week
June 2-8th 2024
Third Week of Pentecost

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 21:21-31
1 Samuel 20
Psalm 128

Verse to Memorize
Romans 5:19  
Westminster Shorter Catechism 
Q. 16. Did all mankind fall in Adam’s first transgression?
A. The covenant being made with Adam, not only for himself, but for his posterity; all mankind, descending from him by ordinary generation, sinned in him, and fell with him, in his first transgression.

People to Pray for: 
Church:  Trinity Reformed Church
                        Pastor Stephen Baker
Ministry:  Sweetwater Research
                          David Pendergrass
Civil Magistrate: Jeffersonville City Council
                                              Amy Semones
Notes for Parents:
Proverbs 21:11-20

A wicked man displays a bold face, But as for the upright, he makes his way sure.
If you were to get arrested, they would take you to the police station, have you fill out paperwork, get your fingerprints, and finally take your photo, often called a mugshot. There have been some well-known mugshots. Donald Trump’s has become infamous. His own campaign team has put it on coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other memorabilia. His is popular for the look of defiance on his face as he shows his contempt for the accusations against him. There are websites that display arrest records and mugshots for just about every city. Donald Trump’s mugshot isn’t the only one to show defiance. There are many who have committed heinous acts and then stood with a smug look on their face as the police officer takes their photo for official records. Some have laughed, smirked, or smiled in their photos. All of them are attempting to put on a bold face in the midst of their own folly.
The Proverbs say a wicked man displays a bold face. That is, he is determined to do what he wants and he will put on a brave display of doing it. The King James translates this as he hardens his face. That is, in the midst of corrections, exhortations, rebukes, and pleas by parents, pastors, friends, and others, the wicked man keeps on pressing forward in his sin. He isn’t blushing at his sin. He acts as if he isn’t ashamed. He is defiant. Now, this may not always look like the hardened criminal. The adulterous woman in the book of Proverbs wipes her face and says she has done no wrong. Many people are like this. They smile, put on a show of having everything together, and inside are full of sin. They will act friendly to someone’s face while in their heart harboring wicked thoughts. They are full of resentment, jealousy, and anger. They too display a bold face.

Quite frankly, there is nothing remotely bold about this. Rather, it's foolishness. It’s foolishness to harden yourself against correction. It’s stupid to play the part of having it all together when you need help or need to talk with your pastors about repentance. It’s ridiculous to think you can be brave and bold while going against the Lord. The very next verse of Proverbs says, “There is no wisdom and no understanding and no counsel against the Lord.” You are not brave by rebelling against the Lord. You are a fool. You can’t beat God.

The upright man makes sure that what he is doing is right. He doesn’t just charge full speed ahead regardless of what God’s law says. Rather, he makes sure what he is doing is right and then he commits himself to move. The righteous man follows God’s path. Because of this, he can stand with his face like steel against the forces of evil. He can stand unmoved not with a fake bold face but with a face filled with the glory of the Lord.
1 Samuel 20
In the previous chapter, Saul had attempted to kill David in a few different ways. He threw a spear at him, but David was able to dodge. He then sent his soldiers to pull David out of his bed so that he could be killed, but David, with the help of his wife, fled. Finally, Saul sent soldiers and even went himself to hunt David down. God, however, took over Saul and caused him to join in the worship with Samuel and the prophets. It appears that while this was happening, Jonathan, Saul’s son, did not know.

David now comes to Jonathan, asking what he had done to make Saul, Jonathan’s father, want to kill him. Jonathan did not want to believe the worst about his own father. Up until now, Saul always consulted with Jonathan on what he would do. But because he knew Jonathan and David were close friends, Saul had kept his designs to himself. Jonathan says that David will not be killed.

There are a couple of applications from just this that are helpful for fathers and sons:
  1. It was a good thing that Saul consulted with his son Jonathan. Jesus spoke about how God, His Father, always reveals to the Son what He will do. Fathers and sons should develop good relationships that will carry them into adulthood. While the father is the authority, it is a wise use of authority to keep those you lead in the loop. It is good to consult them and get their buy-in on what you are doing. There may be times to not share this information. We can’t put too much on those we lead. There are things that they may not be able to bear. But it is good to share with those you lead and hear from them.
  2. It was good that Jonathan was slow to think the worst of his father. He couldn’t imagine that his father wouldn’t trust him and share this with him. We ought to think the best of others, being slow to accept accusations. This doesn’t mean that one should be naïve and unwilling to pursue justice. There is a difference between being slow to accept a bad report (what the Westminster catechism calls one of the duties of the 9th commandment) and an unwillingness to receive the truth. Jonathan is willing to hear the truth and act.

David insists that Saul is trying to kill him and suggests that Jonathan put it to the test. During the New Moon festival, David will hide out away from the house of Saul. Saul may not be walking with the Lord closely, but he still keeps up all the externals of the religion. He still keeps the ceremonies, though his heart is far from God. Therefore, Saul will keep the festival and insist that his officers join him. When David is missing and it is clear that it wasn’t a one-off absence, Saul asks Jonathan. Jonathan gives Saul the excuse that David had told him to say.

And now all pretense of obedience to God is thrown out the window. While celebrating a feast to the Lord, Saul’s heart is turned toward murder. He gets furious with Jonathan and insults both him and his mother. Jonathan simply asks what David had done that was worthy of death. Saul hurls a spear at his own son.

Sinful pride, greed, and jealousy had taken Saul’s heart captive, and now his murderous intentions cannot be held captive by either the ceremony of the Lord or the love of his own son.

The scriptures make it clear that God gave His ceremonial law to the Jews to point them to Jesus. Once Christ came, those ceremonies were no longer needed. In the New Covenant, we still have some ceremonies, though—baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We still gather formally for worship. We can and do feast together, be it potlucks or holiday festivals. These things are good. But all the outward and external things are of less importance than what flows from the heart. It is not what goes into the body that makes one unclean, Jesus said; it is what comes out of the heart. God told His people over and over again that He hated all their feasts because their hands were covered in blood. They were an unjust and unrighteous people. They despised the weak and the needy. They had greed in their hearts. They loved money. They loved themselves. They worshiped idols while making a pretense of the worship of God.

We ought not to think that we are all that different from Saul. We are perfectly capable of doing what he did. We can come to the public worship of God. We can participate at the Lord’s table. We can sit in a fellowship meal, but if jealousy, pride, greed, resentment, bitterness, and faithlessness fill our hearts, we will become like Saul. Those sins have a way of bubbling up and making themselves known. They can even result in you lashing out at those closest to you, just like Saul with Jonathan.

1 Peter 2:1 Therefore, putting aside all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander, 2 like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.

Psalm 128
Psalm 128:1 How blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways.
Every soul longs for happiness. This yearning is even enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, asserting that all men have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Our society is filled with people chasing their happiness, yet many are mired in despair, evident by the widespread use of antidepressants.  The World Happiness Report shows that the US has dropped out of the top 20 happiest countries by poll results. While the definition of happiness in these polls is subjective, the fact remains: in our relentless pursuit of personal desires, we fall short of obtaining happiness.

Scripture reveals the true source of happiness—peace with God. Psalm 32 proclaims the blessedness of having one's sins forgiven, and Psalm 128 extols the happiness of those who fear the Lord. Matthew Henry aptly states, "Those who are truly holy are truly happy." A holy love and reverence for God lead to obedience by faith. This the only surefire way to pursue happiness and find it. And that is because God is the source of all joy. In Him are found the riches of happiness. Those who do not fear Him and walk in His ways are running headlong away from happiness, no matter how much they think they are pursuing it. They keep looking in the wrong places—their lusts and desires—and the only thing they find there is death and disappointment. Whereas the man who seeks to obey God will find himself blessed by God with an eternity of blessing. His happiness will have no end. It will begin here on earth and stretch out into eternity.

God blesses those who obey Him. This psalm gives us some of those blessings:
  • Fruitful Labor:  He shall have work that is not in vain. His labors will produce, and he will enjoy the reward of his work. This isn’t a guarantee of a trial-free, sweat-free, pain-free life, but rather a promise that those who love God will find the happiness that comes from good work. The Apostle Paul says that we ought to make it our ambition to live a quiet life and work with our hands. That is, the happy man will work as to the Lord and find that God blesses his work. He will experience the joy that comes at the end of a day’s labor. He will have health and strength to work and then to be happy with the fruit of that work. We ought to consider it a blessing that we get to work. We also ought to consider it a blessing when we get to sit down to a meal that our own labor has put on the table. The simple things in life are great blessings to those who fear God.
  • Family Blessings: He shall have a good family life. It is the Lord’s desire to bless those who fear Him with a good family life. God is for us, and He loves to give us homes that are pleasing. Obedience to His words will make our homes such a comfort and delight. A man who fears God and lives to please God will love and care for a wife who will be a help to him. Together, they will have children, which the previous Psalm says is a gift from God. To be able to sit down together as a family, look across the table at a beautiful wife and children growing up is one of life’s greatest joys. Many people know nothing about this because they are too busy pursuing their own lusts and desires. They don’t fear God, and it shows in their homes.
  • Joy in the Church:  He shall see the good of God’s church. A man who fears God will find great joy in good work, a growing family, and in the growth of Christ’s church. Verse 5 says that the Lord will bless thee out of Zion. Blessings flow to the godly man from the church of God. And the godly man will be most happy to see good things flow to the church. It is true happiness to take joy in the church of God.
  • The Legacy of Faith:  He shall take joy in seeing future generations grow to fear God. The godly man will be happy to know that his children’s children are fearing God. He can lay his eyes to rest knowing that God’s blessings flow to future generations. The Apostle John says that he has no greater joy than to see his children walking in the Lord. God blesses the faithful with glimpses of His faithfulness to those who come after them. They rest in the comfort that God will continue to be glorified on earth as He is in heaven when they take their final breath.

This list is but a glimpse of the happiness God bestows upon His people. Reflect on this: does this represent the happiness you seek? For those who hate God, the thought of having children or being a fruitful spouse is repulsive. Those who hate God love death and cannot comprehend true happiness. And so they continue to pursue the one thing that they can never possess because they would hate to possess it. They look for happiness where it can’t be found.

Are you truly happy? If not, repent of your sins and turn to Jesus. Continuing on your current path is a flight from joy. Turn to Christ and embrace the true happiness found in Him.

Example Prayers for Weekly Prayer Concerns
Prayer for Expectant Mothers

Almighty Father, we lift up Shawn Crone, Rowina Spurgeon, Gabby Fluhr, and Maddie Sands, who are expecting children. Grant them strength, health, and unwavering faith during this time. May their hearts be filled with peace and their minds with Your wisdom. Guide them as they prepare for motherhood, and let their homes be places of joy and godliness.
Protect these mothers and their unborn children from any harm. May their pregnancies be smooth and their deliveries safe. Surround them with supportive families and friends who will walk alongside them in this journey. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

Prayer for Pastor Stephen Baker and His Family
Lord God, we pray for Pastor Stephen Baker of Trinity Reformed Church. Grant him wisdom and strength as he leads New Geneva Academy, instilling sound doctrine and training faithful ministers for Your church. May his leadership be marked by humility, conviction, and a steadfast commitment to Your Word.
We ask for Your healing hand upon his wife and oldest son, restoring their health according to Your will. In their suffering, may they experience Your comfort and presence. Strengthen their faith and give them patience with each other, trusting in Your sovereign plan. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer for Sweetwater Research
Heavenly Father, we lift up Sweetwater Research as they work on water projects in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda. Provide for their financial needs and bless their efforts to bring clean water and the gospel to these regions. Let their work be a testament to Your truth and a means of drawing many to Christ.
Fill their team with wisdom and perseverance as they face challenges. May Your truth be proclaimed and many come to know Christ through their work. Protect them from discouragement and strengthen their resolve to serve faithfully. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

Prayer for Councilwoman Amy Semones
Lord, we pray for Councilwoman Amy Semones, asking that she uphold Your law in her decisions. Grant her wisdom and a heart for righteousness, leading Jeffersonville to submit to the Kingship of Jesus. May she seek Your guidance in all her actions and stand firm in truth.
Help her prioritize her home, submitting to her husband and raising her children in godliness. May her family be a reflection of Your grace and order. Give her the courage to make godly judgments and the conviction to stand for what is right. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

Church History Spotlight

Boniface, Bishop, Missionary, Martyr
5 June 754

Wynfrith, nicknamed Boniface ("good deeds"), was born around 680 near Crediton in Devonshire, England. When he was five, he listened to some monks who were staying at his father's house. They had returned from a mission to the pagans on the continent, and Boniface was so impressed by them that he resolved to follow their example. Although his father had intended him for a secular career, he gave way to his son's entreaties and sent him at the age of seven to a monastery school. He eventually became director of the school at Nursling, in Winchester, where he wrote the first Latin grammar in England, and gave lectures that were widely copied and circulated.

At thirty, he was ordained and set out to preach in Friesland (overlaps with modern Holland), whence he was soon expelled because of war between its heathen king and Charles Martel of France. Boniface, after a brief withdrawal, went into Hesse and Bavaria, having secured the support of the Pope and of Charles Martel for his work there. In Hesse, in the presence of a large crowd of pagans, he cut down the Sacred Oak of Geismar, a tree of immense age and girth, sacred to the god Thor. It is said that after only a few blows of his axe, the tree tottered and crashed to the ground, breaking into four pieces and revealing itself to be rotted away within. It was the beginning of a highly successful missionary effort, and the planting of a vigorous Christian church in Germany, where Boniface was eventually consecrated bishop. He asked the Christian Saxons of England to support his work among their kinsmen on the continent, and they responded with money, books, supplies, and above all, with a steady supply of monks to assist him in teaching and preaching.

Boniface did not confine his attentions to Germany. He persuaded Carloman and Pepin, the sons of Charles, to call synods for the reform of the church in their territories, where under previous rulers bishoprics had often been sold to the highest bidder. He never forgot his initial failure in Friesland, and in old age resigned his bishopric and returned to work there. Many Frisians had been converted earlier by Willibrord but had lapsed after his death. Boniface preached among them with considerable success. On June 5, the eve of Pentecost, 754, he was preparing a group of Frisians for confirmation when they were attacked and killed by heathen warriors.

The historian Christopher Dawson estimates that he has had a greater influence on the history of Europe than any other Englishman.

A prayer of thanksgiving for Boniface
Almighty God, who called your faithful servant Boniface to be a witness and martyr in the lands of Germany and Friesland, and by his labor and suffering raised up a people for your own possession: Pour forth your Holy Spirit upon your Church in every land, that by the service and sacrifice of many your holy Name may be glorified and your kingdom enlarged; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
Announcements for the Week 06/02/2024- 06/08/2024 

Enrollment Open:  Enrollment is open. Apply online at www.sovereignkingacademy.com ($50/family application fee is payable online at the end of the application). If you have friends or family interested in applying or who would like more information, please send them to this link or give Pastor Greg Anglen their contact information.  
The Out of Our Minds Podcast:   
The following is an episode of a podcast produced by Tim Bayly, a fellow pastor in our presbytery.  It is a helpful episode in talking about how we entrust our finances to the Lord and our care of God’s church.  https://share.transistor.fm/s/6461313f
Prayer Concerns:
  • Expectant Mothers: We request special prayers for Shawn Crone, Rowina Spurgeon, Gabby Fluhr and Maddie Sands.
  • Trinity Reformed Church:  Pastor Jody Killingsworth is the lead pastor of Trinity Reformed Church but they also have other associate pastors.  We will be praying in particular this week for Pastor Stephen Baker.  He has been a dear friend of our church since the beginning.  He serves as the dean of New Geneva Academy, the pastor’s college.   Be praying for him to have wisdom and strength in leading the school.  His wife has had some serious health issues along with his oldest son who has returned home to live with them as he is dealing with his health.  Pray for healing for both Stephen’s wife and son.  Ask God to give them all faith in God and patience with each other through this hard time.          
  • Sweetwater Research:  Sweetwater Research designs and supports holistic water strategies and education to improve the effectiveness of water projects around the world in Gospel-centered ministry.  They have three projects going now in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda.  They are in need of month financial partners who can help them continue these projects.   You can find out more at https://sweetwaterresearch.org/.    Please pray that God would provide for their financial needs and enable them to help these regions develop drinking water solutions while also proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. 
  • Jeffersonville City Council Amy Semones: The Holy Spirit speaking through the Apostle Paul teaches us to pray for those in authority. Specifically scripture says “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”  Pray for Councilwoman Semones that she would uphold God’s law and make judgements that are wise, godly, and good.  Pray that she would desire to see Jeffersonville submit to the Kingship of Jesus.  Pray that her primary focus would be aimed at her home submitting to a husband and raising children.

  • Growing Kids God’s Way  Sunday Evenings in June 5-7 PM
  • Nursing Home June 3 
  • Evangel Presbytery Summer Meeting June 6
  • Genevan Pub June 16
  • Family Ministry Night June 19
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