June 23-29th Family Worship Guide 2024

The Guide for the Week
June 23-29th 2024
Sixth Week of Pentecost

Bible Passage for the Week
Proverbs 22:22-29
2 Corinthians 2
Psalm 131

Verse to Memorize
Romans 5:19  

Westminster Shorter Catechism
Q. 19. What is the misery of that estate whereinto man fell?
A. All mankind by their fall lost communion with God, are under his wrath and curse, and so made liable to all miseries in this life, to death itself, and to the pains of hell for ever.

People to Pray for:
Church:  Clearnote Church
                 Pastor Dave Abu-Sara
Ministry:  Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington
                    Pastor Jason Chen
Civil Magistrate: Jeffersonville City Council
                                Steve Webb
Notes for Parents:
Proverbs 22:22-29
Verse 28 Do not move the ancient boundary Which your fathers have set.
In the times of the bible, borders were set by Moses for each of the tribes.  Within each tribe, the elders would have established property boundaries.   This proverb is a warning not to move those boundary markers that were set.  Why does Solomon warn about this?
There are various ways you could covet and then work to steal from your neighbor.  One way is not to just break into his property and make away with what you want but to slowly, covertly, eat away at the boundaries of his property by moving property markers.  It is to rob the man of the areas that separate his property from yours.

The scriptures uphold property rights because God gives to men property which he expects them to be responsible for and to enjoy the fruits of.   You can steal outright or you can lie, cheat, and defraud a man.  All of these are sins against him and against God who ultimately owns all things and has the right to divide what is his as he sees fit.
This proverb than should teach us to respect the property of others.  We should work to maintain their right to enjoy the fruit of their labor.   We ought to respect another man’s privacy.   We ought to be careful not to blur boundaries that were long set.    Teach your children to respect the property and privacy of others.  Teach them to respect the church house.  

This proverb also teaches us something about respecting our fathers’ too.  All the commentators apply this proverb beyond merely physical property but see it as a warning to be slow to leave behind the teachings of our fathers.   We live in a day in which fathers are not respected and in which we all love novelty.   The newest is considered the greatest.
But there is great wisdom in following the old paths of our fathers in the faith.    Many go astray when they begin to transgress the boundaries that the faithful set up over the years.
It isn’t that we cannot seek to reform or improve from the past but we should do so cautiously, making sure to align with Holy Scripture.   We don’t want to be people constantly chasing after “progress,” disregarding the things from the past simply because they are ancient.  

GK Chesterton made this point in regards to a fence.
““In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, "I don't see the use of this; let us clear it away." To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: "If you don't see the use of it, I certainly won't let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it."

This paradox rests on the most elementary common sense. The gate or fence did not grow there. It was not set up by somnambulists who built it in their sleep. It is highly improbable that it was put there by escaped lunatics who were for some reason loose in the street. Some person had some reason for thinking it would be a good thing for somebody. And until we know what the reason was, we really cannot judge whether the reason was reasonable. It is extremely probable that we have overlooked some whole aspect of the question, if something set up by human beings like ourselves seems to be entirely meaningless and mysterious. There are reformers who get over this difficulty by assuming that all their fathers were fools; but if that be so, we can only say that folly appears to be a hereditary disease. But the truth is that nobody has any business to destroy a social institution until he has really seen it as an historical institution. If he knows how it arose, and what purposes it was supposed to serve, he may really be able to say that they were bad purposes, that they have since become bad purposes, or that they are purposes which are no longer served. But if he simply stares at the thing as a senseless monstrosity that has somehow sprung up in his path, it is he and not the traditionalist who is suffering from an illusion.”

2 Corinthians 2
In this second chapter, the Apostle Paul addresses the issue he tackled in his first letter to the Corinthian church—the issue of a man committing incestuous fornication. The church thought they were being tolerant and loving by excusing the man's sin. Paul rebuked them and told them to place the man out of the church. He was to be handed over to Satan. In other words, they were to exercise church discipline. Discipline is painful. Yet, in God's plan, discipline produces fruit. We exercise church discipline for several fruitful reasons:
  1. It maintains the good name of Christ and honors the glory of God.
  2. It maintains the peace and purity of the church.
  3. It warns the rest of the saints to stay away from sin.
  4. It is used to restore the wayward sinner to faith in Christ and peace with God.

These are all good fruits, yet they come on the other side of the pain of discipline. The Apostle Paul in this chapter makes it clear that he did not like causing pain to the church of Corinth or to this man. He didn’t want to cause them sorrow. In fact, his strong words of rebuke caused him much affliction and anguish in his own heart. He was tearfully warning them.

While he did not relish the idea of causing them pain, he didn’t hold back because he cared more about the fruit that his discipline would produce. And as soon as it produced fruit, he was certain to tell the church to restore the man and forgive him. The man should be forgiven and comforted by the love of the church.

There are several points of application here for us as Christians and as fathers and mothers:
  1. We must love the triune God above all others. We must be willing, even with tears, to defend God’s holy name.
  2. We must love others enough to be hated by them. We need to be willing to speak the truth.
  3. We must not relish, however, the pain that speaking truth causes. The goal of our truth-speaking is not merely to drink the tears of the wicked, to see how well we can get them irritated, and so forth. Our discipline should come from a heart of love and faith.
  4. We must be ready and willing to forgive those who have gone astray and yet repented. We should be quick to comfort and restore those who humbly seek our forgiveness.
  5. In the home, this means that fathers and mothers must not be: a. Too doting and concerned for our own happiness to discipline. We must, by faith, be willing to cause pain in order to love our children. Some, especially mothers, use the idea of love as an excuse not to love in truth. They can’t bear the pain of discipline and so they don’t truly love their children. b. Overly strict and uncaring in our discipline. Paul’s discipline was in much anguish. He could rightly say, “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”
  6. Parents need to discipline and then be quick to restore and comfort their children. Don’t withhold loving hugs and kisses from your children. Don’t berate them and leave them browbeaten. Discipline them and then comfort them.

Psalm 131
Verse 2 Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; Like a weaned child rests against his mother, My soul is like a weaned child within me.

“Silent Night, Holy Night.”

The one thing I know from having eight children is that newborn babies are not silent. There are no silent nights in the first days. Babies eat, poop, sleep, and cry. They cry when they are hungry. They cry when they are wet. They cry when they are tired and when they are uncomfortable. And the one thing that most comforts them is momma. They want momma’s breast, and they cry until they get it. But with every child, there comes a time when they begin to eat solid food. They are done breastfeeding, and they can simply sit on momma’s lap content and quiet.

David, in this Psalm, uses the picture of a weaned child sitting on his mother’s lap, content and quiet. The picture is that David’s soul is not longing for the great and lofty things of the world. He is weaned off his own selfish desires, and he is contently hoping in the Lord.
Because David rests in and trusts Jesus, he humbles himself. He refrains from involving himself in matters beyond him. He doesn’t carry the weight of issues outside his control. He focuses on the responsibilities God has given him. As king, David is faithful to his office but doesn't try to govern the entire world. He doesn’t assume the role of God. These are matters too great and difficult, issues that his Father in heaven oversees. David is content to let God be God and to be His humble servant.

This Psalm calls us to humbly rely on Christ. Many of us feel anxious, even angry, when we look at the world. We see sin running rampant. Evildoers seem to thrive. Civil leaders fail to punish evil and protect the good. Everywhere we look, we see rebellion against God. We are tempted to bitterness, anger, or to obsess over matters beyond our control. Pride leads us to abandon our God-given places and seek involvement elsewhere.

Young men are tempted to spend their time in deep theological and political debates, but they are lazy with their work, their physical health and strength, and their love for the church and their family. Young women have homes that are not clean, yet they want to write things online for other women about the tradlife. In our pride and discontentment, we often stray from God's calling.

We need to trust Christ. Rest in the truth that He is sovereign over the world. He will deal with tyrants and govern the world. Part of His governance is placing us where He wants us. He has made and equipped you for the calling He has given you. Humbly and faithfully exercise it. Lean on God, hope in Him, and work with a composed, joy-filled soul for the glory of God. Let your soul be silent and holy before Him.

Example Prayers for Weekly Prayer Concerns
Prayer for Expectant Mothers
Heavenly Father, we lift up Gabby Fluhr, Maddie Sands, and Emily Leupp to You, asking for Your mighty hand to protect and guide them through their pregnancies. Grant them strength, health, and peace as they nurture the new lives within them. Let their hearts be filled with Your presence, and may they trust in Your perfect plan for their families. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Prayer for New Babies

Lord God, we rejoice in the birth of Rowina Spurgeon's and Shawn Cox's babies. We ask for Your healing touch upon the mothers as they recover, and for Your blessings upon the little ones, that they may grow healthy and strong in the knowledge of You. May these children be raised to fear and love You, becoming godly women for Your kingdom. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Clearnote Church
Almighty God, we thank You for the new addition to Assistant Pastor Eric Beerbower's family. Bless his wife and children as they welcome this precious gift. We also pray for Pastor Dave Abu-sara and the Clearnote Church. Lord, bring growth in numbers and fill the church with visitors eager to hear the gospel. Stir the hearts of the members to share the good news boldly and invite others to join the fellowship. Grant wisdom to the leaders as they shepherd Your flock. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Prayer for Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington
Father in Heaven, we bring before You Pastor Jason Chen and the Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington. In these challenging times, grant Pastor Chen wisdom and courage as he seeks Your will regarding the church's location. Guide him and his family, providing clarity and confidence in Your leading. May they trust in Your provision and timing, knowing that You hold the future. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Jeffersonville City Council
Sovereign Lord, we pray for Councilman Steve Webb and the Jeffersonville City Council. May they uphold Your law and govern with wisdom, godliness, and integrity. Stir in their hearts a desire to see Jeffersonville submit to the Kingship of Jesus. We pray for repentance from allowing ungodly events and for a renewal of righteous judgment. Bless Councilman Webb's family, protecting them and guiding them in Your truth. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Church History Spotlight

Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, Theologian
27 June 444

Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, was a formidable theologian and a stalwart defender of orthodox Christian doctrine in the early 5th century. Born in the late 370s, he became the Patriarch of Alexandria in 412 AD. Cyril is best known for his vigorous opposition to the Nestorian heresy, which denied the true unity of Christ's divine and human natures. His theological acumen was instrumental at the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD, where his teachings affirmed that Jesus Christ is one Person with two distinct yet inseparable natures. Cyril's writings, marked by profound insight and a deep commitment to the truth of the Gospel, continue to influence Christian theology. He passed away on June 27, 444, leaving a legacy of unwavering faith and doctrinal clarity.
A prayer of thanksgiving for Cyril
Heavenly Father, whose servant Cyril steadfastly proclaimed your Son Jesus Christ to be one person, fully God and fully man: Keep us, we pray, constant in faith and worship; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.
Announcements for the Week 06/23/2024- 06/29/2024 
Raising Funds for Sovereign King Academy:  We need your support to establish a school dedicated to helping parents educate their children in the Lord. Whether or not you plan to send your children to this school, this is a chance to love your neighbor (who may want to make use of this) and contribute to a worthy cause for the future. We ask that any donations be above and beyond your tithe to the church.  Give at https://www.sovereignkingchurch.com/donate  

Declaration of Family Ministry and Children in Ministry:   Last year, the session of Sovereign King Church drafted a comprehensive document detailing our beliefs on ministering to families and children. This document addresses our commitment to keeping children and families together in worship, alongside practical aids like nurseries and Sunday schools. As it has been some time since its publication, you can review it through this link.
Prayer Concerns:
  • Expectant Mothers: We request special prayers for Gabby Fluhr, Maddie Sands and Emily Leupp.
  • New Babies: Both Rowina Spurgeon and Shawn Cox had their babies this week.   Be praying for both mommas as they recover and for the little ones to grow healthy and strong in the Lord.
  • Clearnote Church:  Assistant Pastor Eric Beerbower just had a baby this past week.  Pray for his wife and family as they welcome the new one.  Pastor Dave Abu-sara asked us to pray for growth in numbers and for more visitors to come.  Pray that members will be diligent to share the gospel with neighbors and invite people to church.  Pray for growth in wisdom as well. 
  • Chinese Reformed Church of Bloomington: Pastor Jason Chen reported at our last presbytery meeting that since Covid, the population of Chinese people in Bloomington has dwindled.  This is making it hard for the church to grow.  He is praying and seeking if it is the Lord’s leading to move the church to a different city and being planting there.  Please pray for wisdom and encourage for Pastor Chen and his family.  
  • Jeffersonville City Council Steve Webb: The Holy Spirit, speaking through the Apostle Paul, teaches us to pray for those in authority. Scripture says, "First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity." Pray for Councilman Webb, that he would uphold God’s law and make judgments that are wise, godly, and good. Pray that he would desire to see Jeffersonville submit to the Kingship of Jesus. Pray that the entire council would repent for allowing sexually perverse pride events to be held in public in Jeffersonville. Pray for his family. 

Growing Kids God’s Way  Sunday Evenings in June 5-7 PM
Nursery To begin the first Sunday of July
Nursing Home Ministry July 1
All Hallow’s Reformation Feast Team Meeting July 9@ 7PM.  If you would like to help serve on our team planning our annual reformation celebration, please let Pastor Joseph know.
Farmer’s Market Outreach July 13
4th of July Cookout 
Men and Boys Camping Trip August 30-31

For more information and updates, please visit our website
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