Answering Those Who Say the Bible Supports Abortion

I have seen this comment copied and pasted by a ton of proabortion advocates saying that the Bible supposedly is for abortion.   Just like the homosexuals do, once again those who hate God still want to use His word to justify their sin.  This attempt is possibly even more idiotic than the sodomites but let me debunk it anyways.

Here is the argument (title A) with my response titled (R)

A. Life begins at birth because Genesis 2:7 supposedly says life begin at the first breath.

 R.   Genesis 2:7 says “Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”  It shouldn’t take much more than quoting this verse for you to see how stupid the proabort argument is.   Genesis 2:7 is describing the creation of Adam from the dust.  Adam was formed a full adult.  He wasn’t born of a woman.  He wasn’t conceived in the womb.  He was uniquely created by God from the dirt.  To extrapolate from Adam’s unique creation that life begins at breath is as ridiculous as then saying that since Eve was created from Adam’s rib that a woman’s life begins when her future husband’s rib is taken out.  

Adam’s creation doesn’t teach us that life begins at breath.  But you know what does teach us that life begins at conception?  A bunch of other scriptures that speak of God knitting us together in the womb (Psalm 139:13; Jeremiah 1:4-5).  Most importantly in the account of the conception of our Lord Jesus and Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, we are show that life begins in the womb and that even a baby in the womb can be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Luke 1:39-44)

A.  Fetuses are not persons supposedly according to Exodus 21:22-25.  

R.   Oh the tangled web we weave, when at first we try to deceive.  And the proaborts like to deceive by their use of latin words to dehumanize the baby.  But the latin word Fetus simply means small child or offspring.  You can just go to google translate latin to English and it will tell you Fetus means offspring. And the definition of offspring is “the children or young of a particular parent or progenitor.” Latin doesn’t cover up what life is.  

Nor does Exodus 21 teach that the children is not a person.  In fact it provides protection for the child and mother. If two men are fighting and knock into a pregnant woman and cause her to go into early labor, there is punishment. Yes someone will argue that this passage is referring to a miscarriage and some will argue that its referring to an early delivery of an otherwise healthy baby.  Either way elsewhere in the law, punishment was only demanded when actual physical harm was brought upon one of the parties, but here restitution is required for the harm caused.  God opposes even the accidental bloodshed of the unborn.

A. Ok but God commands an abortion in Numbers 5:11-31.  He has them drink an abortion potion.

R.  What we have in this passage is strange to us but it isn’t the case of an abortion potion.  If a woman is suspected of committing adultery, the man can bring her to the priest for a test.  The test involves her drinking something which according to the proaborts is an abortion potion.  The supposed potion is merely described as the ritual cleansing water mixed with dust from the floor and a scroll with a  curse written on it, not really what you would call an abortifacient.  

The text goes on to say that she will take an oath that she innocent.  But if she is lying  and “has been unfaithful to her husband, that the water which brings a curse will go into her and cause bitterness, and her abdomen will swell and her thigh will waste away, and the woman will become a curse among her people. But if the woman has not defiled herself and is clean, she will then be free and conceive children.(verse 27)”

The curse that comes upon the woman will change her body.  Her belly will swell and her thigh waste away.  One English translation says that her womb will shrivel.  The vast majority of English translations seem to speak of the woman undergoing some sort of disfigurement if she were guilty. Her thigh would waste away, and her abdomen would swell. Some have argued that this is talking about a miscarriage.  They suggest that the phrase her thigh will waste away is an idiom for a miscarriage.  

This leaves us with two options for dealing with the passage. The first is the disfigurement view.  That is if the woman was adulterous she would be disfigured.  This would be a horrible judgment from God and would mark her out as cursed because of her sin.  

Now we live in a day with no fear of God and no shame over sexual immorality.  But God doesn’t care about our preciousness with sin.  He hates sin and He hates adultery.  He hates that it destroys family and it makes a mocker of the gospel.  His judgements are good and true.  Sin has consequences and so she may be disfigured because not only did she commit adultery but she stood and took an oath to God saying she didn’t.

If it is the case of disfigurement then this passage has nothing to do with a baby and even less to do with abortion other than to say that if the woman is being truthful she is blessed with a fruitful womb. This passage then teaches the opposite of what the proaborts say.  It teaches fruitfulness is good.

And this is true even if we take the second option for the passage and that is that this passage is teaching that the curse of the woman is that she has a miscarriage.  It could be that God condemns her and punishes her for her sin by taking away her child.  When David committed adultery, the child conceived in that sin also died shortly after child birth.  David mourned and looked forward to the day, he would be with his son.   David didn’t blame God or assault the character of God.  David knew that it was his own fault for committing adultery.  

Our sin has consequences not just for us but for those around us.  The sins of fathers sadly often impact their children.  Everyone who has a father knows how their father’s sins impacts them.  And everyone who is a father knows that their own sins impact their children.  

It is God’s prerogative to bring judgement as he sees fit.  And so the rest of the passages on this meme are really just God’s righteous judgment being impugned. The meme is the devil’s assault on God’s character and sovereignty. The wicked hate God’s authority as creator and as Holy judge.  But God is God and we are not.  He does punish the wicked.  He does punish nations.  And His judgements are just and fit to the situation.  The wicked will be wiped from the earth.  The problem is not that scripture doesn’t teach about the value and dignity of life but that we lack the fear of the Lord.

We think we are good and we think God’s commands are bad.   But we are evil and God is good.  And His goodness means that He judges our evil.  

Bringing this back around to the idea of a miscarriage in Numbers 5.-If this is what the passage is teaching (I don’t believe that it is.  I think the evidence points to the first option), then this still doesn’t justify abortion nor does it prove that life doesn’t begin in the womb.  

Instead it proves the opposite by showing what a terrible punishment this miscarriage would be to the woman for her lying and adultery.  Her sin impacted not just her but her husband and child.   And she is stopped from the one thing that all godly women in the time of the bible most desired--having children.  To be childless in scripture is never seen as a good thing.  This was a punishment not an elective procedure where you murder your baby for your own gain.  

And again notice that the blessing for the honest woman is that she is able to be fruitful. Children are a blessing from God.

Scripture no where gives anyone the right to murder.  You aren’t God.  You cannot decide when to take or end a life. Rather you should fear him and repent of your sins before something worse happens to you.
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